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Sprite troubles: Vectors and Rasters
Posted on November 17, 2016 at 21:23

Creating the new model for Lana has been an interesting exercise. In the old days I used to just draw and animate in flash, then export my animations to PNGs that GMS would use. I still have the old sprites which I might release as a sprite sheet down the line. Now that I am moving to spine I am now drawing my characters in sai.

Lana's original body made with flash

I usually make the sai models in 800x800 resolution and scaled down so that they fit well on mobile. This way I can easily add details like shadow and texture without worrying about the limitations flash gave me, but when I bring the model down to the size the game usually works at, things don't line up right.

Sprites scaled down to game resolution, Hang on, that doesn't look right

After some tweaking I noticed that the torso is too thin relative to the head. Sure it looks fine in concept art but at 144x144 we loose a lot of details. I made the face body a bit wider and made the head a bit taller so as to ensure that it looks good on mobile. The final results look a lot nicer even though the sprite is now over 30% larger than in Kyles berries.

The sprites as they will appear from now on

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