Toggles, Checkboxes, Moar GMUI (plz read)

Posted by Alert Games on Dec. 2, 2017, 1:50 p.m.

Releasing GMUI v0.0.9 today (ahhhh, so close I can smell it… I smell caffeine)

Play with the demo using this download link: GMUI_v0.0.9.exe



Release Notes: View on GitHub

(I made some fixes in the studio version! … And included enum's)


I'm glad to hit this spot on the project, essentially almost the end of the milestone. v0.1 will be beta, and that is just making one more control and using surfaces for the drawing. At that point I'll have everything I need in order to build up my next software tools from this, for game maker. Yes, game maker. Mostly, because the tools don't really exist for GM like they do on other platforms.

BUT, I also hope that this project will help to prototype software and apps faster and easier than anything else out there today. Of course, it requires GM:Studio, so there is some risk in that support down the road, but it was still an adventure of itself.

I will, however, be starting to work on other projects again that people outside of basic game development are interested in, which is a good thing at this point honestly.


I have to say that I've learned an incredible amount about software and web development, as well as a little network infrastructure in the past year. I've also learned how to officially register a business, how a business operates in the office, understand bitcoin and other investments, on top of other home maintenance. Its almost unbelievable to me how much I've learned over the past year just to get to this point. Business and processes can truly get out of hand very quickly, and a monolith of work if noone is there to step you through.

Alright enough rambling, all I'm trying to say: it is a lot of work to set things up in an organized way just to start with something, and we're still not quite there on making it easier on ourselves to do it. But it might not even matter at some point; if you are successful, people will help to mutually benefit to be even more successful. I hope to get to that point someday, but I enjoy the challenge of getting there