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Winter 2017 Playtest 1 m
Hey all I am opening up registration for the next playtest of my long term game project. The registration is open until the 20th of this month. The tl;dr is, this is still a very early playtest, but there is a lot more to the game, and I'm looking to get feedback on gameplay before I wrap up...

Coffee Highs; Year 25 5 m
The more and more days pass, the more I am convinced I am still the same person, that I didn't undergo some kind of personality change or better individual. The electricity of my fingers are non stop. I just wrote a 2 page essay in minutes over something for extra credit. The fact that I'm...

How (Ludum) dare you! This time I did. 1 m
The first Ludum Dare where I managed to do something in almost three years. Ludum Dare page or Play on...

Hatching from my egg-ucation 1 m
I have been incubating in the educational system for like 19-23 years now, and I am finally out in the world. I have left uni with a first class in Interactive Animation, and I am now pursuing a career as a technical artist. In the meantime, I am working in a library, but I am building my...

Toggles, Checkboxes, Moar GMUI (plz read) 1 m
Releasing GMUI v0.0.9 today (ahhhh, so close I can smell it... I smell caffeine) Play with the demo using this download link:...

Mode 5, Mode 6... Mode 7! 1 m I implemented simple mode 7 -like tilemap floor rendering to my software renderer - written in C, of course. Not very realistic (perspective is a little... curved?), but my goal is not to...

Inspired by 64D 1 m
Yesterday, I released something called Trollcave on my main blog. It's a bit like a game, but not quite, and there's a bit of a barrier to entry. It's an infosec challenge VM, so the idea is you...

I made a mobile game 1 m
You can play it here (Android) It's a school project, so do not expect quality. I might release the desktop version someday.

Rambling and burnt. 6 m
im excited for this break coming up from school. ill get to work on cursed black again. i drew a doodle of Lavander Town yesterday during one of my study breaks, and i suck as an artist but the idea of finishing my game makes me feel complete. my girlfriend and i have been good lately. she's...

Hey you 1 m
Have a wonderful day!

Software rendering, again 1 m
If you was hoping for a long blog post, write a thousand-word essay stating why should I write one (especially now when the activity is... not-very-active), and if your arguments are good (believe me, they are not), I'll consider writing one. Before that, enjoy the...


Been Dancing A Little ... 1 m
Dizmaster - It Was A Knife (Rainer K remix) H.EXE - Astrophobos Brioni Faith -...

Once Friends 2 m
One of the greatest pains I was never told I'd experience was that of growing apart from someone. This person I once held so close to my heart is just another one of my friends, and while I will never forget or take their actions for granted... we just became different people. I strongly believe...

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