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JuurianChi is back

I'm actually using the bathroom right now.

Would take a selfie but it's a little difficult since I'm on my laptop.

Doing Big Things™

America is a Fuck.

Hope your life is less bad than 10 years ago.

G'day, m'ladymen.

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Oh, jeepers, what are all these buttons?

I'm writing this from the brand new 64Digits DARK submission UI, and there's a cornucopia of formatting buttons gently resting atop the textarea. They look at me as if to say, "twisterghost! You don't need that barbaric BB-code anymore! Come with us, into the future of formatting! We all format down here!"

For shame.

Also, does BBCode work yet? Also also, I used the rich text editing buttons to make "dark" italic so I'm just a hypocrite.


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Pokémon: Cursed Black 4.0 June 2018 Update

Currently working on inputting all of the data for encounters all throughout the game. It's kinda slow progress at this point but I do have something exciting to show:

Yes! I have several things going on here:

The battle system -- it comes back, rewritten
Switching Pokemon is no longer placeholder -- actually happens
Wild Encounters! 

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64Digits "Dark" is Public

It's about damn time 64digits got an update.

I'm not much for writing detailed blogs so here's just the important stuff. 

We have a public git repo for issue and suggestion tracking. It can be found here. If for some reason you can't register or create issues let me know and we'll just move it to github.
I should probably call this an alpha since it's actually still really rough around the edges but whatever. New shit
Yes, the file manager is missing....

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Sector Six Release Countdown: 5!

Since the last time I posted, I have finished weapon and ether reworks!

Weapons now modify ability stats and ability ether costs increase with level.
These changes have significantly improved quality of loot and variety of possible spaceships.

There are three weapon stats now: Weapon damage, cooling rate, and ether efficiency.

Relays increase weapon damage, which increases ability damage.
Pylons increase cooling rate, which reduces ability cooldo...

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hey i know this is kinda petty but just bear with me ok cos like i really gotta know

what did I ever do to bother you right
like it has literally been a decade and yet to this day
you come back to my most recent blog post, which happens to occur around when you decide to come back (happy accidents!) and you sort of imply that you could tell who it was without reading it. now I know that that statement on its own isn't necessarily insulting or ...

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All moved in

All moved in to my new house. We settled on May 4th, moved on May 5th, and haven't been back to the old apartment, which I'm supposed to be cleaning to help avoid a terrible cleaning bill. Oh well, I have until June 16th for that and future me is totally capable.

The house has been really nice so far, save for a couple of minor issues. Theres a lot of room here for our dog to explore, and a backyard for him to run about. The detached garage was converted to a workshop by the previous owner...

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or something that could be a goat if you use enough imagination.

I wrote a simple online leaderboard system in php (the worst - or at least the most horrible - language I have ever used, even worse than Haskell!). I also wrote a client-side code in C, so I had a working online leaderboard system. Then I decided it needs a game. I decided to make a very simple arcade game.

It took a few weeks (I spent a week in ...

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Sector Six Release Countdown: 6!

Since the last time I posted, I've been working on inventory improvements, mission XIV, ability scaling, new HUD, and other things.

Long story short, mission XIV is getting closer to being finished, meanwhile many parts of the game have become easier and better to use.

Now I would be directing all my attention to mission XIV, but this week I have received a lot of new feedback and now I have to make a few important decisions.

I might choose to do some really b...

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May 1st

Interestingly, in all the 500+ blogs I've ever posted here, I don't think I've ever mentioned the significance of May 1st for me before.

That date is significant for me because it was on May 1st 2003 that I found and downloaded Game Maker for the first time, an event I believe made a very fundamental contribution to what I am today. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have picked up any interest in programming, instead I'd probably would've gone on to become an architect or something.

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Sector Six Release Countdown: 7!

This and previous week, I've been improving Sector Six loot.

I have made many changes to random part generation system, made higher grade parts more common, added 22 part properties, gave parts more interesting names, but most importantly – I have implemented relic system and first 7 relics!

Relics not only are the rarest and the most powerful items in the game - they also have unique effects, skins, and even animations!

I would have made a video about r...

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Youtuber Comments

Are you even still working on this??

I think dabr1dg3 forgot to pay his web rent and no longer has tohjo falls.

Hey are you still working on this orrr?

Reidd, I noticed that the Tohjo Falls website has become archived (and seems to be inactive), but is Cursed Black still being worked on? I've been a huge fan of your Lost Silver adaptation and am eagerly waiting for Cursed Black to be completed!
If you're interested at all, I'd also like to offer help...

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