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hello everyone, i am very excited to let you all know that the ASSASSINATION STATION will be available on Steam for the PC in September~! until then, i have been doing some last-minute touch-ups and testing on the Steam leaderboard features (in-game online high scores, whoo!). in order to test...

Massive update! Titan class is now available! 2 m
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! It's done guys! Took me a month to make and is the biggest Sector Six content update so far! This is why I am a game developer. (I love big ass updates and I cannot lie) [hide=Original...

[CB] Party Animation 1 m
Here is what I have: Here's what it represents: - All 151 Pokemon (plus a few extras) data in game. Full stats, icons, & evo levels. - Full Attack list. Every single attack is indexed and properly documented...

bookworm. highs that never end. 1 m
This is my third day of isolation. Oh god. And what has my move last year showed me? It showed me that I have a very... very limited time on this earth. And that if there are things I want in my life, I'm sure as shit not gonna get them by sitting on my hands. I joined this website in...

oh look a game 1 m
How curious!

My AI just taught me to laugh better 1 m in relation to what frame of existance do you want me to explain that question the only limit to your imagination is your imaginated creator teach plants and machines to make love together that tastes better never eat dying food without a gun to your head by the...

We weren't supposed to have survived this downtime 1 m
And yet here we are. Sequence of events pieced together from what Jeremy has told me as he was fixing things: - The main server ran KVM - 64digits ran as a self-contained virtual machine - 64digits was also stored on a logical volume... - ...managed by Debian 6's LVM for some reason -...

I took up painting again =) 1 m
Love it!! I'm using more color and thickness now as you can tell I hope. Look at the old stuff I did in comparison ^^ I plan to make more Art...

Programming a game in Go 1 m
My software renderer was not going anywhere, I did not have a good game idea plus the renderer had some problems (it had problems with depth buffering if the shapes were too flat), so I decided to do something different. I decided to join a game jam. I found this one:...

3D software renderer 1 m
I'll update this microblog every time I have added some new features to my software renderer. Here's a gif: Features & nice info: - 100% software rendered. The final pixel array is drawn using SDL2, but the SDL_Renderer...

July Art Jam - July 7th - 13th 1 m
Time for another art jam. Say hello to July Art Jam Rules: Make a work of art during the given time frame (July 7th - 13th) Follow the optional theme (stated below) if you wish. You might get some extra.. something by doing so. Post your...

Catchin' up on life 2 m
I've been posting pretty much exclusively about Evenfall recently, so its high time to catch up on what's going on in my life more generally. So, let's see... I'm finally getting back into a more regular sleeping pattern after the fight with some crazy insomnia earlier this year. I still have...

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