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Asterisk posted on August 16, 2007 at 4:20 AM

Moving up..

Spent 10 minutes thinking up a's not a good one, at that....need to work on it.

Moving Up bag weighs 25 pounds and it has 2 books in it. Damn you. Damn you all with your 16 inch thick penises books. They weigh too much. My bag almost broke!

Got art! Hell yea! Wonder if she'll let us e-mail her computer graphics for points...hmm..

Site (forums)
As some of you know *cough*nighthawk17*cough*, we used to have a forums, yada yada. Totally forgot what link it was, so i started over.

Yes i know, some of it's hard to read, im workin on it. But in my opinion, it's damn good...for me.

Not quite sure what it's about. Possibly just randomness + everything else. Like tutorials. GameMaker stuff. GameMaker games (if ya submit them or whateva), etc.

Music've gotten a bit better. Not saying it's gonna appeal to everyone and be the best shit you've ever smoked heard. Just sayin...

*sigh* Takes awhile to upload. I was gonna upload a real long one...but uh..don't wanna take 30 minutes to do it.


So theres a couple songs i've been doing...yeh..

Meh...check out the forums...join if ya's not close to out.


Asterisk posted on August 03, 2007 at 12:03 PM


Hehe, i've gotten into bloggin more. Probably just cause it's round meh birthday. Meh.


Well....simple. Not into bloggin about all the shit i got *cough two things cough*.

City of Heroes: Good vs Evil - *is not givin a shit bout what you all think about the game, IT'S FUN!* Anyone else play it?

Cell Phone - Bout damn time i got one. It's alright. OK, well it's pretty good. Alltel Hue. Pretty nice. Don't ask for a picture, get it yourself.

Enough bout meh birthday...


Hmm...lets see...what happened today.

Oh yeh. On year zero (nine inch nails album(also known as halo 24)), whenever you put it in a CD Player, DVD Drive, whatever, turns white. And when it does...there's binary text on it. Well, me and Obel decoded leads to (thinks for a moment) i think
Good site, good site.

Yeh...since it's my birthday, you all owe me. But, OWE ME WHAT!?!?!? o.O

Asterisk posted on August 02, 2007 at 4:24 AM

C4D and life

Been awhile..again. It seems I always wait 5 months before i blog....anyway.


C4D (Cinema 4D, if you don't know) is a 3D thing...kinda like anim8or and 3DS and stuff...but better. You know why? Cause i can actually do something with it, and i can do it pretty well. Not sayin im the best or nothin, but i mean, im alright for the first few days.

Somethin abstract, i dunno, i was bored. Thought it'd be cool.

A martini i made. First thing i did without a tutorial. =D

A sword. Not the greatest, messed up on some parts. But other than that, it's alright.

Yeh...tis about all i've made so far. Besides another thing that i forgot to upload and show you, but i don't care.

Hmm...gotsa new avatar and banner. Shit. Both of them. Just temporary. The ones i had were gettin old , so i decided to use these for now.


Getting better. Meh birthday's tomorrow. Im not excited. At all. it's gonna be boring. Just like last year. God that was horrible. out of things to say...

Ima chargin meh laazoorr? i dunno. Whatever, im out.

Edit: *gasp* i suck at teh url stuff. Oh well