House Music and Universities

Posted by Azure on Aug. 30, 2011, 2:39 p.m.

Hey so a lot's happened in the past month. The University of Urbana Champaign lifestyle has caught on in less than a week. I've come to realize just how much free time college kids really have. Maybe that's cause I don't do much homework, but yeah. LOTS OF FREETIME. Which gives me more time to compose music and mix and draw and hop around frat parties and all that.

If any of you other guys are at UIUC, let me know! We'll try to have a 64digits reunion (even if it is just two people)!

Speaking about frat parties, I'm happy to see that a lot of college kids accept non-drinkers/non-smokers. I've walked through my fair share of jumpy sweaty teens carrying big red cups and occasionally I get offered a drink. If you deny them enough times, they give the whole "dass cool man, das cool" and slump over towards the keg. I'm happy to say that I think I can continue my straightedge trends even through college parties. Yay me!

But here's what's important for this week! Once again, I'm part of another Talenthouse contest that'll test my mixing skills as opposed to my Photoshop "skills". Anyways, trance DJ Paul Oakenfold started up a contest for people to create a five-minute mix for him.

Honestly, 5-minutes is NOT a lot to work with, but I tried to put four songs together in that time. It would be much appreciated if you could vote for me on Talenthouse!


1.) Go to this link:

2.) Choose to listen or not listen to my mix; either way, it's no big deal. If you do listen though, keep your volume a little low (hehe).

3.) Hit the "Vote with Facebook" or "Vote with Twitter" buttons on the right hand side of the page. You can also vote by texting "TH HM46GK" to 75572! Actually, doing all three of those would count as 3 votes! So do it!

And that's it! NOTE, if you vote with Facebook/Twitter, Talenthouse will ask to get your information. I promise you that it won't spam you and it won't hack you; they only need your name to keep tally of the votes!

So thanks again! Let's hope I win this time.


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