Six Hundred and Four

Posted by Blanket on Nov. 9, 2007, 11:41 p.m.

604 people came across my page, discovered that there is nothing to see, and left.

So today, November 10th, I, Blanket, give these people something to read.

Anyways, my computer teacher died on Haloween, he had a stroke and his brain asploded. I feel kinda sorry for him because last year he just finished learning how to read and walk because one of his previous strokes caused him to lose his memory. We've been having subs for a week now and all of them have negative computer skills, so we are stuck doing stuff in Word and Powerpoint, and to make things worse in that class, I sit next to some weird kid who says he was violently beaten as a child, I really don't know if he's joking or not.

Instead of making games in GM i've been playing…Runescape…I thought i was done with that game but i can't stop playing it because im tryin to get teh 99 fletching. I also been playing a little MapleStory but i've reached my long-term goal of lvl 60 so I don't play that game too much anymore. Halo 3 is awesome, not only because im quite good at it, but because im a General and I gots a star. Ive got almost the next rank.