Borderlands 2

Posted by JID on Sept. 16, 2012, 12:19 a.m.

i wanna play it

i beat it.


colseed 11 years ago

1. win S4D

2. get Borderlands 2

3. ????


JID 11 years ago

but it's for pc. and my currently broken pc sucks, it wouldn't even be able to run it.

And the laptop I'm on now sucks even more. :(

colseed 11 years ago


use other reward moneys to get a better computer?

100 bucks might not get a completely new computer, but could probably get some parts at least

JID 11 years ago

Assuming that I'd actually win. :p

actually, I do have almost 100 bucks lying around, an extra 100 seems like it'd be enough for some decent stuff

JID 11 years ago

every single one of these secret blogs on the first page of my userpage starts with the letter "B".

my lifelong goal has been achieved. <3

JID 11 years ago

yeah, i beat the game already. i wish it were longer.