I promised toast

Posted by JoshDreamland on Nov. 20, 2013, 10 a.m.

…a shitty blog. SO HERE GOES.

Finals week ends in THREE weeks, ONE day. My life theretofore will look like this:


Act I: Survive Wednesday. On this day, you will catalog countless training images for a sign language bot.

Act II: Survive Thursday. This will involve presenting the thing you spent Wednesday building.

Act III: Survive Thursday night and Friday morning. This will entail writing a simple function… in Scheme. So an otherwise easy function, made difficult by the fact that there are no arrays or list appends in Scheme… that run in O(1). This is only a problem when you consider that I am runtime OCD.


Acts I-CMLXXVIII: Survive the weekend of doing an AI project to classify songs by genre. Maybe this will be extremely easy, maybe it will be like pounding nails with your eyeball.

Act CMLXXIX: Survive the presentation on the subject on Tuesday the 26th.

Act CMLXXX: Do the homework assignment for that same class. Submit by Wednesday night.


Thanksgiving. Prepare for computer vision test on December 3. In all other classes, relax.

Now that you know the battle plan, I'm going to talk about a dream I had last night. I don't have conventional dreams, from what I gather. I'm usually aware I'm dreaming, and almost always have impossible superpowers. Some dreams, I can teleport. Many dreams, I can walk through walls. I can't remember the last dream I had wherein I didn't fly. Tonight's dream was different, though; I didn't realize it was a dream until much later on, when some minor details about my room gave it away.

I became almost angry about this obvious slipup; why isn't this right? Is this a dream? I'll Google something to find out. Yep, this results page is fucking nonsense. Definitely a dream. This is aggravating. I then threw the laptop and decided that I'm making up my own superpowers.

For whatever reason, the best I could really come up with was the basic onslaught you see in Avatar: the Last Airbender. At that point I declared, "I'm the fucking avatar," and began making a mess of things. My yard looked relatively clear of details, and I picked up on this quickly. Behind the few instances of plant life that actually appeared in the dream, the swimming pool remained, and I flew above it and started looking around.

While doing so, I noticed the deck was missing. So I looked back on it. It had been replaced with grass, which certainly does not belong there as it is an above-ground pool. This would not do! I reconstructed the deck in clearly exaggerated photoshop detail. Entirely too much texture with extremely high-contrast bump mapping. But I was happy with it, because at least it wasn't grass.

The rest of the dream was mostly uneventful. I continued being pedantic about how things rendered in my mind until I eventually woke up. The earlier parts of the dream were somewhat convoluted, but mostly uneventful. They involved some water heater installation people visiting my uncle, who I never see, so I have no idea why he was in my dream. They wanted to install some eco-friendly energy something or another. My father warned against it because doing so had some undesirable effect (like restriction valves in faucets and shower heads). I was just heading to bed in the dream when I started noticing things were off, and that's when it all started.

Anyway, that is my shitty blog. Thanks for reading.


JuurianChi 10 years, 6 months ago

Your dream was an accurate depiction of life as The Avatar in our society.

If the government doesn't turn you into a human weapon, your life will be as boring as it usually is, but with super powers. D: