Well it's a new year

Posted by KaBob799 on Jan. 1, 2014, 11:11 a.m.

Thinking back, I'm not really sure what I did in 2013? I guess I programmed a lot of stuff but it's hard to remember what specifically I accomplished. I will try my best.

I recorded 80 Let's Play videos in the past 6.5 weeks. There is a good chance I will surpass 1000 if I don't take any breaks this year. I've been slowly climbing in subscribers, I'm at 54 now. I think there's a feedback loop with subscribers so things should accelerate as that number rises.

Creating the videos has been a lot of fun and doesn't really take up much time. I can release 1-2 daily videos with less than an hour of work a day. I can easily create a large backlog of scheduled videos so I should be able to keep a steady release schedule going no matter how busy I get.

As for Pyco, I mostly focused on behind the scenes stuff this year. I rewrote lots of systems and I prepared for a lot of future features but I didn't have time to actually use any of the upgrades to any real effect. I also worked on redesigns of both Game Plague and Pyco but I'm behind schedule on those, I plan to fix that this month.

CheeseMod kind of fell to the backburner this year. I still worked on it a lot but waiting on bukkit updates has delayed a lot of the big stuff I was planning. Like Pyco I spent the year rewriting old systems and planning out new features. I've amassed countless text files of ideas which need implementing. I'm holding off on programming most of them until my other more important projects are released. I also learned some basics of single player modding this year but it doesn't look I'm going to release anything anytime soon. I'll look into it again once the official API is out.


So you could say I've spent the last few years preparing to do things. 2014 is the year where I have to actually do it all.

As for new things in 2014, I got a Lumia 520 for Christmas so now I'm wanting to learn how to program apps for it. The main issue is that I need a computer running Windows 8. I might be able to install it on my backup hard drive and boot my laptop from that but I still need to actually obtain a copy of windows 8 (I don't pirate) and figure out how to become a windows phone developer.

If I can solve those issues, I hope to make a Game Plague app for keeping track of games so that I can stop maintaining this cumbersome list It will also do things like private messaging and so on.

Last but not least, the list of Christmas presents I got. The last few years I've gotten more than I expected and this year continues that trend.

Lumia 520 (although I'm still on a prepaid, no data service)

Skyrim Legendary Edition (360)

Fallout: New Vegas (360)

Batman Arkham Asylum/City (360)

Pokemon White

NES: Castlevania (GBA) from kamira

Halo 2 (pc)

Chick-fil-a calendar (with special coupon card)

Don't Starve (from lody)

Some money

A few other minor things

This year I also gave out more gifts than I expected, which is the first time I've been able to do that =p I learned a nice tip to keep in mind for next christmas, maintain your steam wishlist. It's a great way to get notified when games go on sale and it makes it a lot easier for people to buy you games =p