Some thoughts.

Posted by Kamira on Nov. 2, 2012, 11:53 a.m.

Dumping my thoughts here, hence this not being front paged. This might not make too much sense, feel free not to read it. I was rushed to write this because I have class soon, plus I'm hardly getting any sleep anymore.

So I’ve had fun here at Baylor and stuff, but this blog isn’t about me. (crap, it kinda ended up being about me. Whatever)

I’ve noticed that since I’ve left, my three closest friend’s lives have all kinda started to suck. I’m not at all saying it’s because I left, this is just coincidence. It’s just weird that all kinds of bad crap keeps happening to them. These were happy people a while ago. Normally whenever one of my friends is sad, I'll talk to them and just try my best to make them feel better, and I was actually pretty good at it. I was almost like a counselor to a lot of my friends. that's changed though. The stories I hear now leave me speechless. One of the friends I've mentioned is pretty sick and might have to miss going to an incredibly important, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity marching contest that most bands don't get the opportunity to go to. She also had to miss homecoming, quite a bit of school, and another competition, all while being sick. Normally I can comfort people but nothing I can say helps. In a way, this all actually hurts me. I'm fine over here, but the people I care about aren't, and I feel really helpless. Maybe I'm too sympathetic, but that's one of my traits I like most. Another of my friends I found out is on parole. He wasn't the best kid, but certainly not someone who would do something like… Whatever he did. He won't even tell me. All I've heard about him is from my other friend. I feel so distant out here. Here at Baylor I'm more surrounded by people than ever, and yet I feel much lonelier than I ever have. The people back at home who promised that we'd Skype weekly don't. The people who said they'd keep in touch don't. I've essentially lost mostly every friend I have.

Thing is, I'd be happy if they were happy.