Kenon's quest to finish something for once! Part 2

Posted by Kenon on Aug. 17, 2012, 11:49 p.m.

I actually made it to part 2!

This is the worst banner ever made ever

I've decided yeah, Zombeez 2 is what I will definitely do.

And I've made somewhat of a basic start to the engine while I create the plans for the powers. The entire game is based around having tons of godly powers to vanquish progressively stronger zombies and zombie things. Naturally, there's lightning strikes (the only thing I have programmed in actually atm), tripmines, turrets, the failsafe "Flood the world", mouse slicing things, mud traps to slow, flying axes, hellfire rain, cannons, etc. Basically tons of ways to murder zombies.

In Isometry.

The engine is designed on an isometric scale. Basically, this means you're massacring zombies in dynamic isometric environments. I really like working with isometry so it should work out well.

And I actually have the engine kinda working. Here's a pic. I know it's not interesting but it's there to keep me working on it.

I'll probably be describing god powers in my next installment.