KenoDay #8

Posted by Kenon on April 8, 2014, 5:59 p.m.

Here's a video to preface it all.

Ok, so me and Iasper (who's currently off in some foreign country not working on the project) have decided to team up together.

It's blocky, it's cartoonish, it's exaggerated, it's (I REALLY NEED A NAME FOR IT OTHER THAN WHAT I'M CALLING IT NOW) Four Bloods!

In Four Bloods, the objective is simple. You're in an arena with a big ass boss creature with four characters to choose from who you can dynamically switch between at any given moment. While you control one, AI controls the other three. But you can assign probabilities to what the AI will do (Like you can make one of the guys tend to use either use his power to buff up the other 4 or he can do hard hitting attacks, or even have it completely random). Basically, Simple Markov Chain AI.

The four characters you can control are the following:


Red is the leader of the bunch. He's a stand up guy with a penchant for a bow and arrow. He strikes in single strikes from afar to do high damage to his foes. He also can use the powers of Red to empower his allies into hitting harder and harder. He's the one with the shitty run animation in that video up there (I threw that together in like 6 minutes).


Blue is cool like the ocean. He's the spellcaster of the group, flinging the power of Blue around to either heal up his allies and keep them in fighting shape or to strike his foes in rapid succession with magic. Capable of both short and long range combat, Blue is perfect for making sure the team manages to take down the tremendous behemoths they keep having to face for some unexplained reason.


Green is an android from the future who is armed with an incredibly powerful sword.

Though he may look identical to Red, Blue, and the other guy who I haven't mentioned yet, don't be fooled! He's a robot! And he's from the future! This is the guy you pick if you just want to get up in the enemy's face and pummel him to death with a sword using really exaggerated techniques like whirlwinding around with your sword at insane speeds or swinging a sword 6 times in a second. He does have the ability to also turn his sword into a different color (This has gameplay ramnifications I swear!).


Ok, so not really a backstory for Gray, but in terms of gameplay, he's basically a hybrid between Riki and Antimage without a Manta Style (if you play DotA). You're close range and you can teleport around the enemy. You do extra damage from behind as well. Though he doesn't hit as hard as Green or Red, he's the guy on the team who's the most nimble due to his teleporting abilities. Dodge enemy attacks and counter for maximum effect!

Ok, so I am kinda manic when I wrote that. So it may seem VERY SILLY.

Don't worry, none of that backstory shit is explained in the game. You're just gonna be thrown in the arena with a giant ogre to start with!

So today I got character movement and the camera working. I'm not entirely content with the camera yet, but it's a step in the right direction. I'll probably have it perfected tomorrow or something. I want it to be slightly offset, basically, so you can see the enemy right in the center of the screen always. Should have attacking implemented as well. Then AI comes. Then Mechanim. Then I go crazy designing enemies.

This is a fun competition.

EDIT: SLightly updated camera. I think this looks better to be honest.


Castypher 10 years, 1 month ago

Please animate my everything.

Kenon 10 years, 1 month ago

Animating models is really easy, I really enjoy it to be honest. I made a shark earlier today for a school project and everyone loved it :3

colseed 10 years, 1 month ago

Quote: the red dude in the video






The character colors are almost completely the opposite of what I would've thought they'd be given their roles, but looks like a decent start.