{Downieville} Devlog #4: Animation, Smell, & Dying.

Posted by Mush on Aug. 1, 2013, 12:57 p.m.


Updated the walk. Slingshot is very rough. Working on jump animation.

Next animations to do: TRANSITION FRAMES, crawl, grab/climb ledge.


Smell will play an important role in the game. Things will make you smelly, and other things will make you less smelly. Your level of stink determines the distance it takes for someone to notice you.

The Buff-stink Tradeoff

Using items will increase various "stats", some of them will make you stink (garlic, onions, coffee, alcohol, tobacco). Dog urine may make you stealthy to dogs but more detectable to humans (ok I'm having second thoughts about this one).

Stink Sources

You can become stinky from the environment. You come more smelly if you hide in a garbage can, mud puddle, or a dead body. (I didn't mean hide in the body, but that actually sounds kind of awesome.)


To get rid of your stink, you can use other items (deoderant, cologne, new pair of clothes [possibly from a guard], mint, toothbrush), take bath in the town, or find a hot spring.

spike1's Questions

spike1 asked how smells will be represented. I was thinking of representing them graphically as an animated sprite or particle effect. Each "smell-type" will have a different colored smell trail and an icon representing the smell-type will hover above the source.

In addition, smells will have varying degrees of stinkiness, which determines how far they can travel.

Gettin' Caught / Dying

I don't know how to handle being caught or dying in the game. Different ideas:

1. You have an amount of health. Things can hurt you, and being discovered by a guard should be devastating to your health / hard to manage. Guards will readily call in back up, which will lead to a virtaully impossible situation. Dying will send you back to a designated checkpoint.

2. No health. Being discovered sends you to jail from which you will have to post bail to get out (which will send you back to the room from where you left). If you can't post bail, you have to revert back to a checkpoint or the beginning of the chapter. Gives incentive to collect coins (how original!).

(Edit: maybe you only get caught when you black out. In other words, you do have health, and are only caught sent to jail when that health is depleted.)

3. Yes health. If you black out (i.e. run out of health) you "wake up" in a hospital. Instead of posting bail, you have a number of "lives". Run out of lives = start at checkpoint instead of where you blacked out.

Checkpoints will be rare enough to punish careless playing, but common enough to avoid frustration.


spike1 10 years, 10 months ago

I like the idea of the smells, but how will it be represented? Also, will the smells have different effects(apart from the dog pee one :D), and if so will something on the hud say "You stink with …!", or will it be visual?

I Like the Idea number 1 with the dying. I like the idea that the health is easily damaged, and another idea, is that at the beginning of the game it tells you you get a different ending depending on how many times you die. It doesn't need to be true, but it will still make the player more weary lol :D. But really though, i'm not sure what type of game it is(as in the atmosphere), but I think it would be cool to see a game where dying matters :).

Also, the website seems to have glitched out, i can't access this blog through the activity feed. I have to go through your page to access it, just thought you should know(unless its just me, in which case disregard this lol :D)

Mush 10 years, 10 months ago

@spike1: I edited my blog to answer your question.

The website is not glitched, I just hadn't posted the blog to the front page or activity feed. It was a work in progress when you saw it :3

aeron 10 years, 10 months ago

Walk looks much better! And the slingshot looks good :D

Also, I'm becoming a bigger fan of this every day. The smell idea is great and adds an element to the stealth that really isn't ever used (to my knowledge). I can imagine situations where you're confident you don't reek _too_ bad to be caught by a guard, but suddenly a curious dog starts sniffing around and you shit your pants worrying he might smell you out of a pile of garbage.

Likewise, the concept of jail/bail works well for punishment. I like that there will be something to spend coins on at least :P

Mush 10 years, 10 months ago

Thanks aeron and spike for your comments. You guys keep me motivated to work on this!

you shit your pants
… which could be another source of stink \o/

Next devlog will include the storyboard for Chapter 1, and an update on the progress of the technical-side of the game.

Cesque 10 years, 10 months ago

He… shrinks when walking. The head should be a pixel higher.

Love the smell idea, the game's style of humour reeks of the Curse of Monkey Island…

I think I prefer the first approach to death, the second option seems like a potential annoyance and the third one feels too generic.

panzercretin 10 years, 10 months ago

mush can i just say that is a fucking immaculate warthog sprite you're using for your avatar there