{Downieville #6} : Programming GIFs

Posted by Mush on Aug. 7, 2013, 3:06 p.m.

3D Platforms

Starting working on the fake 3D. The shadows and image depth are a bit buggy.

Inventory, Projectiles, and Smell

You can switch between items, and items are deleted when used up. Different projectiles have different weights and momentum. Sardines emit stink that can't travel through walls.

Projectiles lay flat when they come to a stop. Projectile's weight affects gravity.


Cesque 10 years, 10 months ago

Absolutely not. But you planted a seed, and I hate you for it.


I imagine this would be compatible with the system I have now: each "layer" (layers being rooms connected by corridors, for example) has its own depth (the top GIF would be considered one layer of a house). Are you saying that it has to be one or the other? Just clarifying.

…what do you mean by "one or the other"?

Edit: Okay, a couple of words about my idea with an actual demonstration (this is an actual level idea for a cyberpunkish stealth game I once had in plans):

A, B and C are different layers of a city level with an upper and lower street (as in top-down games - layer C doesn't "float" above A!). The grey areas are where you can walk, red arrows mark transitions between layers (press up/down to enter a different layer, or press some action button near a wall nearby to snoop).

What's slightly special is that when you're on the street at level A, you only see the entrance to the garage near letter B. If you enter the garage, you can access the room at layer B (but you need to go back to the entrance to leave).

How views would work: from any layer, you see every layer behind it (and elements from the lower layer in the foreground). So if you're on the street at level A, you see the stairs from level B and the upper street from level C. But you can't see blocked elements, like the garage area in B.

Apart from all that, layers are strictly 2-dimensional (i.e. a typical platformer).

Some ideas I had for involving it in gameplay:

- A "maze" server room of multiple layers where enemies circle around the servers. You have to peek into different layers to avoid them (enemies take a while to transition from one area to the next).

- A Half-Life-esque robot boss chase where you need to move between two sides of a fence to avoid charged beam attacks.