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Posted by Omega_Squid on April 28, 2009, 11:34 p.m.

I just made a new OSS logo, after I decided that the 4 year old previous design wasn't cutting it.

Excerpt from blog:

After almost 4 years of no change, the Omega Squid Studios logo has received a much-needed refreshing. The design just came to me one night, and knowing that I could easily forget my inspiration, I opened up Adobe Illustrator and got to work.

Within 20 minutes I had a black and white rendering, and by the next day the coloring was complete! I can’t wait to make some OSS merch with this logo on it!

Check it out:


Relevant Game Maker stuff:

I actually made a game recently! (Well, it's a modified GM Quiz) A little Spanish vocab quiz thingy for a Spanish Competition. May release some day, but there's not a ton of Questions to be polled from. I need to add some more.

That's all for now - go chat with strangers on All sorts of great stuff comes up.


You: yo

Stranger: hi

Stranger: wanna have kinky bum sex?

You: what r yu wearing right now?

Stranger: …stuff?

Stranger: clothing?

You: sounds pretty hot

Stranger: made of cotton

You: sweaty

Stranger: and synthesized materials

You: spandex?

Stranger: …no

Stranger: jeans?

Stranger: t-shirt?

You: Damn

Stranger: you know, the clothes normal people wear.

You: This isn't going to work

Stranger: sick pedo.

Wasn't that fun? Bai.


RC 15 years ago

Hell yeah! Who doesn't want to have kinky bum sex?

Xxypher 15 years ago

Logo needs some work.

It needs to be nice and compact, trust me, I am in Digial Media.

Golden Wolf 15 years ago

Quote: Stranger
wanna have kinky bum sex?
Quote: Stranger
sick pedo.

this makes me laugh out loud (lol).

Iluvfuz 15 years ago

Wow your blog looks really unprofessional, unless that's what you're going for. But good job on making your first 1 minute logo!!!

Omega_Squid 15 years ago

With the image being a vector file, I can easily make it smaller…I intentionally made it large so that you could take in all of its Squidification…

Scott_AW 15 years ago

It shouts at me.