Not Starving Ever

Posted by Praying Mantis on May 28, 2014, 10:10 a.m.

Hello 64Digits and its constituents, it's been almost a year since my last blog post, but I'm back and bearing gifts.

What I've been up to

I've been grinding away at uni for the past year. My semester comes to an end in less than a month. For those of you that don't know/can't remember, I've been studying IT and am currently in my second year. The thing is, I have not been feeling it this semester. I kept on trying to envision myself working in a software or web development job and realised it didn't interest me much at all. I don't want to lock myself into a career path I'm unsure of or spend any more on a course I'm not enjoying, so I'm going to take the next semester off to figure out what I want to do. I intend to take this time to work on art, 3D modelling and game design to sort of test myself, and see how competent I really am at these things and if I can maybe make a career out of them alone.

3d modelling, speak of the devil.

Last semester I took a 3D animation course and did this thing for my project. This was my first chance to work with 3D modelling and I really enjoyed it. I've been practising ever since and working on a few more projects. I'm excited with what I can potentially do.

Don't Starve

I've been playing Don't Starve. A lot. About two weeks ago I re-downloaded it and binge played for several hours. In doing so I made it to day 500 and constructed a large base. Below are a few screenshots of my base. Here is the complete tour of my world.

I posted my base around a bunch of other places and people love it. A few people have asked me to stream or show a video of my world, so I've decided to have a go at streaming Don't Starve. I'll be streaming soonish, and it'd be cool if you guys would be interested in joining me.

By the way, are you guys still playing Minecraft or doing game nights? Any other big news/drama that I've missed? How's v4 coming along?


Alert Games 9 years, 11 months ago

oh hai.

Looks like you might make a pretty good 3D modeler! I have patience for web and software stuff (somehow), so thats what I ended up doing. … I was gonna ask for your help but it sounds like you would rather not… lol I am too impatient with 3D modeling even though I really appreciate the work that people put into their designs.

I'd like to play minecraft but nobody wants to play since finals/semester break hit :( Plus our server takes up a lot of resources lol

also, v4 is a lie

Quietus 9 years, 11 months ago

a stream of Don't Starve would be awesome. i watched RC play a new game briefly, it looks like a neat mix of Minecraft's survivalism and the spookiness of Diablo (the isometric view probably reminds me of Diablo more than anything).

Rez 9 years, 11 months ago

I miss you man

I kept on trying to envision myself working in a software or web development job and realised it didn't interest me much at all. I don't want to lock myself into a career path I'm unsure o

I'm horrified about this. I want to go to college for programming but I don't find myself doing it in my spare time, however I can't envision myself doing anything else either.

Praying Mantis 9 years, 11 months ago

So I tried streaming Don't Starve, but apparently 0.5mb upload speed isn't enough to stream without 50% frame dropping. Who knew! Australian internet sure is great.

Yeah that's the same situation I was in, Rez. Out of highschool I asked myself what I was interested in. The answer was computers and art, but getting an art degree would be wasteful so I decided to do IT instead. But I forgot that I never do programming in my spare time besides game dev, and am thoroughly stressed out by working on large projects in a team with important deadlines.

Also, miss you too, mang.