A year in music

Posted by RC on Dec. 28, 2015, 3:49 a.m.

It was a year in August since I made my Macabre piece. For those of you with foggy memories on what I'm referring to or who weren't around: I decided to make a Tim Burton/Danny Elfman-esque musical piece after playing with my glockenspiel and coming up with a basic melody.

Macabre turned out well for being my first (and only) finished piece I've made. I pretty much had no idea what I was doing musically or in FL Studio, but I guess that's where most people start.

After Macabre and attempting to come up with more melodies for dark, Tim Burton film-ish pieces, I decided I wanted to try something more upbeat and happy sounding… this brought on the following track which has no actual name. It was written 5 months after Macabre, but is unfinished and will remain as such.

This piece was basically composed the day after talking about Majora's Mask, so I usually attribute the Clock Town theme from the game as the inspiration for this piece. It's obviously unfinished and crap, but I put some knowledge gained from talking with Steven into it. I could never get it to sound right, so I ultimately stopped working on it after about a week and moved on to something else. I still like the upbeatness of it, though.

Keeping with the uptempo mindset, I made a short, unfinished piano piece mainly inspired by the game I Am Bread. I've never played the game, but I would watch videos of it by jacksepticeye and Markiplier.

This was written about a month after the previous piece. I'd take on spurts of inspiration once a month or so, and in between those spurts I spewed out a bunch of garbage or nothing at all. The initial melody came while playing my keyboard - I did use my new knowledge gained from Steven (thanks for helping me and explaining stuff to me, Steven) about keys and whatnot to come up with it.

After playing it on my keyboard, I put it down inside of FL Studio and eventually came up with the counter-melody which was to be played by the right hand on the piano. I can't actually play both hands very well on a keyboard/piano, so I'm not completely sure if it's possible to play it or not… I'm not even sure if it's written in such a way to properly be played on a piano, but I do like how it sounds. I wish I would've finished it.

I'm going to skip some crap tunes I made after this short piano piece and just cut to the last thing I made. I decided to stop trying to make upbeat music and go back to my Tim Burton movie style that got me started with Macabre.

This one was actually inspired by two games: MediEvil and Banjo-Kazooie. I had been listening to the original MediEvil soundtrack and stumbled upon sheet music for the Cemetery Hills theme. Since I can't read music, I converted the sheet music to a MIDI file, tossed it into FL Studio, and studied the notes for it that way. Combining what I saw from that with the knowledge I already had, this track happened.

In reality, the only inspiration from Banjo-Kazooie is the use of the xylophone. Still, I was inspired by it for something!

I wish I could finish these tracks, but once I get past a certain point I just start to run out of ideas which in turn leads to running out of motivation. I haven't tried to make anything serious after this final piece and that was back in April or May, I think, though I did write a couple of very short tunes for a friend's YouTube channel which I won't be sharing.

Anyway, yeah. Sorry if this feels like I'm just coming back here to show off stuff… I wanted to focus on showcasing something productive I did this year for this blog, and music making felt like a good place to start. I'm not sure if I'll continue making music or not as I don't really want to use FL Studio anymore. My soundfonts also sound like crap which is a bit off-putting, but I guess they're better than nothing.

I know I haven't really been active around here lately and that this is the first time I've logged in since June or July, but I guess I'll try to be a little more active for now. I've got a number of things I could write about right now, but I wanted to save them for other blogs instead of writing a single, massive blog containing it all like I would've in the past. More blogs means seemingly more activity, right?!


RC 8 years, 5 months ago

@Cyrus - The only game that fits your criteria that I can think of is MediEvil, but I'm not sure if I'd found the soundtrack of that game yet or not. The biggest inspiration for making something in that style was from listening to the menu theme of Don't Starve which I thoroughly enjoyed.

@Steven - I'm glad you think that. It's a fun little hobby when I get the urge to make music, but my interests are so all over the place it's difficult to focus on just one thing. Maybe some day I'll figure it all out.