On the 6th Day of August, My Devlog gave to me...

Posted by S3xySeele on Aug. 6, 2016, 12:52 a.m.




…Not much, sadly. I created crude sprites for the planets of our solar system and I'm working on the UI elements.

Over the next week I'll be tackling the battle system, which will be a bit like Hybrid Heaven and Parasite Eve's, except… y'know… with spaceships.


In other news, I've made some good strides in clearing out some of my anime backlog.

Finished off Demon King Daimao, a show I got halfway through about 5 years ago. Pretty idiotic… there are probably hardcore hentai with better, more coherent plots. Still, it had its moments where it was actually kinda amusing…. mostly in the first half, it loses steam in the 2nd half when its main "plot" gets more of the spotlight.

A light 4/10.

Also completed watching the first season of Nisekoi, a show I started watching early last year. Not usually into harem anime, but this show was actually pretty cute and occasionally clever… even if it still suffers from a lot of the same problems these kinds of shows typically have. I'll probably watch season 2 at some point.

Light 7/10

Now I've started watching The Twelve Kingdoms, currently 3 episodes in. This show is much more appealing to me in terms of plot and themes than the previous two… the art style and animation is all quite nice as well, especially for its age. My only gripe so far is that the lead character is whiny as fuck. I mean, it's understandable given the circumstances… but they could've toned it down a peg or two. We get it, the character is in a frightening position and is rightly terrified. Quit going overboard with the waterworks.

Rating Pending… currently projected to be an 8/10

Also continuing my rewatch of the baseball anime, Major. Already finished rewatching season 1 about a week or two ago, currently working my way through S2. We've moved on from Goro Honda's little league career from S1 and now he's in middle school, transitioning to high school. Doesn't quite have the same dramatic knock-out punches that S1 had in the first 6 episodes, but the story progresses forward in a logical yet interesting manner. So far, this show is holding up extremely well on my 2nd viewing.

Solid 8/10.


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I've actually been watching anime recently too. A lot of it. Maybe too much of it…