Coloraze Flash Beta!

Posted by Siert on June 15, 2011, 4:16 p.m.

So, thanks to my strange love for this game, I am now enthusiastically working on a new version of Coloraze! Not only am I planning on making this game better than the previous versions, but I also hope to be able to make some money off the finished version! After an almost complete read of Flash Game Development by Example (which is actually very helpful) and a couple hours playing around with Adobe Flash Professional, I've learned the following things:

- Flash Develop is a lot better than Adobe Flash Professional

- Flixel and Flashpunk are both nice libraries.

- I prefer Flashpunk (the way worlds work is nice and a lot of Flixel is unnecessary, built in physics and buttons, why?)

Now, I'll stop talking and let you try my game.

Comments, suggestions, criticism, all is welcome!

Coloraze Flash Beta

(also, as of now you can only save one level)


Kenon 9 years, 12 months ago


Siert 9 years, 12 months ago

Ha, unfortunately no. I accidentally made the physics correctly this time. It was pretty cool though, I'll look into that right now, just for you.