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Takagi's Orgasmic Experience

by Takagi

Posted on July 31, 2008 at 7:05 PM

I think I had an orgasmic experience with a girl.... or rather, her laptop.

She was running Vista (said it was XP... fail), it had a nice pink theme to it, it was Sony Vaio, had Pentium dual core processors, a nice built in camera (aesthetically nice, dunno about functionality), very sweet keyboard and mouse layout, and was actually running pretty smoothly.

I totally plugged my USB flash drive into that thing.

It was this experience that made me realize something. I like computers and spend more time with computers than I do with girls. Besides the obvious reasons, here are some more insightful reasons why I favor computers over girls.

Listing a few of them off...

1. You can plug your USB drive into a PC right after you buy it and install the drivers. *innuendo*
2. You can unzip files on a PC within like.... ten seconds. A girl? Not so much. *innuendo*
3. Hitting your PC can usually fix problems. Hitting girls gets you in trouble.
4. You can dual boot a PC. So in case you don't like how your PC is running, you can install another OS. Girls can't change their personalities like that. Unless they're bipolar, in which case, you've got some problems.
5. The bigger the number on a PC (RAM, hard disk space, etc.), the better. The bigger the number for a girl (weight, age, etc.), the worse.

Yes, I need a life.