Takagi's Love Letter

Posted by Takagi on Aug. 25, 2008, 3:47 p.m.

Dear Girl,
There's been something that's been eating away at me for almost a month…. I've never felt this way before. I think it's love. No, I'm sure this is love. I think it would be best for me to be frank with you, seeing as how you are heavily involved in this love of mine.

See, love is irrational. It's blind. It has a will of it's own. For that reason, I was unsure at first if what I was feeling really was love. But now I'm sure it is.

Now, in advance, although this may sound a bit creepy, even if you don't feel the same way, let's at least stay friends.

Girl, I'm in love. With your laptop.

You may have pretty eyes, a lovely smile, a charming personality, a nice laugh, but your laptop has DUAL CORE PROCESSORS. Your laptop also has A BUILT-IN CAMERA!! Mon dieu! An ergonomic keyboard surely makes your laptop a lot better!! Your laptop has a nice LCD display, a nice mousepad, is slim and easy-to-carry, has over 100GB of hard disk space, God knows how much RAM it has, and it RUNS VISTA ALMOST PERFECTLY!! I haven't fallen in love– I was gagged and thrown headfirst into it!

Tell your laptop that I love her,

I'm going to either gonna give it to her or read it out loud at the next National Honor Society meeting on the mic as 100 some members look on in awe. Suggestions? Read it at the meeting, read it in a class, read it in front of her alone, her and her friends, just give it to her? I'm going for the "OMG" value and reading it in the meeting, just to make her blush like hell is red.


flashback 11 years ago

If you do it aloud, have someone videotape it and youtube it.

SquareWheel 11 years ago

If you don't do it aloud, have someone videotape it and youtube it.

F1ak3r 11 years ago

If you don't do it, have someone videotape it and youtube it… oh no wait…

PY 11 years ago

Write it on the side of a skyscraper and let her see it on the news.

Acid 11 years ago

If you do it aloud, have someone videotape it and youtube it.

melee-master 11 years ago

That's going to be funny.

Siert 11 years ago

wtf is wrong with you?

liquid 11 years ago

I think that it would be better if you didn't reveal you're talking about the laptop until the very end.

I wish I had my speech I wrote on diabetes. I remember a part about how you should accept your fate and go the way of the Vikings and pillage. Turns out the class' teacher I was reading it for had Diabetes.

I never heard the end of that. Speech class was fun!

Rusky 11 years ago

brilliant. read it aloud.

Takagi 11 years ago

I'll see if I can get a kid from DVD yearbook to come to a meeting…. that'd be ideal– it would be in the yearbook AND could wind up on YouTube too…. :)

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