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Posted by Toast on Nov. 19, 2013, 8:51 p.m.

So I finally released an (unfinished) game I'm actually happy with. Consequently, I'm happy to keep working on it, so expect frequent updates in fact I've already updated twice so try it out again if you have already). Other games I've made are either:

a. Unreleased. The horror survival game I made for 64jam 2, for instance. I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to do with that one. On one hand I wanted to make a real-time version of pokemon, where your character summons captured souls to fights for her. On the other hand I wanted to make an action game where your character befriends a bunch of aliens and becomes one of them.

I also really, really want to make this hugely ambitious metroidvania that popped into my head almost fully conceptualised one day last year. This game personifies my taste and style. But because I suck at making games, I've spent fucking hours working on one single mockup which isn't even half done and seem to have been demotivated by the fact this game would take years. Drink Drivers will definitely have to be finished first.

b. Released but not fully realised. Previous (48-hour) games are in this category. where I have a great idea which I fail to do in only 48 hours. I feel like I should work on these just to prove to everyone that they were great ideas after all. Riot should have been a great action/puzzle game but I fucked up the controls and didn't have enough strategy to the game. I need to take some inspiration from Cesque's Fire Point. Most people were mixed or indifferent to Dave is in a fish tank - I basically invented Super Puzzle Platformer before it existed but tried to put The Sims on top of it. If I give it some direction that too would be great.

Drink Driver Bros really wears its influences on its sleeve, even down to the (admittedly played out by now) Mario Bros reference. I've already said it's a basically a fancy version of the helicopter game, but as I also said, so is Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride and Ridiculous Fishing and pretty much every other one-button game, because let's face it, you can't do much with one button.

It also has the violence of Hotline Miami (as well as use of excessive image transformations, a style Cactus pioneered), many gameplay elements from Grand Theft Auto, and the driving-into-things gameplay was a little inspired by EnviroBear (there may be a mini-game which copies EnviroBear's method of control).

It's really as simple as taking all my favourite games (or games which are generally popular) and putting them into a big melting pot. Whereas before now I always try to make it as complicated as possible, this time I'm making it as simple as possible. At the moment you use two buttons to play, I'm going to get that down to one.

The purpose of that is because the end goal is to make a smartphone game and hopefully make some money to afford to make bigger games, or at least get some kind of recognition so that I can successfully crowdfund bigger games. HaxePunk sort of supports iOS and Android automagically, but I won't hold my breath of actually getting it to work. I may have to switch to Unity of something.

One thing I'm really focusing on is making everything as interactive as possible. If you hit a tree, it falls over, etc. Because if this game had none of its decorations, nobody would like it. If you just drove your car, avoiding other cars and buildings, it would be boring. People really care waaaaay more about graphics and interactivity and fun than they do about interesting game mechanics, that should be obvious from the way games are received here and elsewhere.

What I really can't decide is what to add next. What should get first priority? Leave me a comment and the feature with the most votes will be in the next update!

(feel free to suggest your own ideas; if it gets the most votes I'll implement that instead!)

-Boats and helicopters

You jump out of your car and straight into a boat or helicopter, the game remains the same but now you're in the sea or air for a while (avoiding ships, birds etc), before returning to land.

-Pubs and parties

At the moment your "pints" meter increases in your car. That wasn't the intention. You're meant to stop at every pub and crash every party you come across and accumulate pints that way. There could also be random mini-games, e.g. first-person "rail shooter" shoot outs with police or gangs upon entering.

For every pint, you'll get a "click to buy shots" opportunity, and for a few coins you get to choose a beverage which have different effects on your driving skills, some are power ups, some are just silly hallucinogens.

Upon leaving the pub/party you get to choose to return to your car or hijack another vehicle on the screen.

-Police shootouts

The game becomes one-button and you alternate between driving while your brother shoot and shooting while your brother drives. This will make the shooting part of the game like a traditional shoot em up. I'll also add more things to shoot at like power ups, and more weapons.

-Sideways travel and bonus cameos

Add roads directings you off-screen left and right, and you'll reappear in another area. Some of these will have signs directing you to secret places, e.g. a sign saying "Miami, Florida" could take you to a Hotline Miami themed bonus stage.

-Interactive buildings

Currently there's only one type of building, as well as the planned pubs and parties there could be interactive car wash and repair buildings, shops such as car shops and weapon shops (instead of buying weapons at the title screen) and drive-thrus. More suggestions welcome.

-Weather and time

Dynamic weather and time changes, so you drive through night and day, rain and snow. Self-explanatory really.

-2 player mode

Self-explanatory! But I'm not sure how exactly this would work, suggestions welcome.

-High score leaderboards and achievements

I've already made the score more interesting than it is in the current released version. I also want to use GameJolt's API to do high score leaderboards and trophies.

So there you have it! I really appreciate the feedback.


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