Lur update! Abandoned arsenal expansion

Posted by Zuurix on Dec. 23, 2014, 10:56 p.m.

Probably one of the largest game updates in 64Digits history!

Abandoned arsenal expansion adds fifty new items, new deadly boss, new area to explore, five new quests, better experience rate and much, much more!

Abandoned arsenal

Arsenal is in new area just north from starter area and it's full of content! In the fields around arsenal, you can encounter havoc archers, new low level beings, and worker orbs. Kill havoc archers and you'll get simple key that will allow you to get in the other side of wall, that surrounds abandoned arsenal. Then you will need to kill few arsenal defenders, get complex key, use it to unlock complex door and you can get inside arsenal. Arsenal is full of monsters and strongest of them is Armageddon boss!


This enormous monster uses attacks that you have never seen used before in Lur. He will drop meteor mines on your head, you'll have to run or you'll be crushed. After dropping mines, he will cast waves of energy that will probably kill you, if you won't hide behind dropped mines. He also has powerful regular attacks, that deals melee, magic and ranged damage, sometimes unleashes mirror effect, that will reflect your attack damage If you will manage to kill him, you will have chance to be awarded with most powerful equipment in Lur - Armageddon and cataclysm weapons, siege and assault armour, new rings, amulets and high level crafting materials.


New area's hub is Camp - where arsenal raiders rest between raids to arsenal. People there might send you to new quest or trade valuable items with you. Next to the Camp you will find experimental gate, which will teleport you to Dry meadow or Iron mine, if you'll manage to fix it.


Now there are scrolls, consumable items that change where your teleport spell takes you. Some scrolls can be bought from merchants, others can only be obtained by fighting monsters. Scrolls and new experimental gate removes a lot of necessary walking, making game much more enjoyable.


Not only new content was added to Lur, many old things has been improved and balanced, to become more fairer or less frustrating. Most notable of these changes is new experience rate. You will not level up as fast, but experience to level up requirement will not reach absurd numbers in high levels. You will also notice portal beasts in Iron mine, new drops from mutated beings, obsidian hounds and mining machines, new achievement for those who will beat Armageddon, minor graphical updates and other nice improvements.

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Hope you all will enjoy new content! If you have some questions, don't hesitate and leave comment or visit Lur Wiki. Wiki is still missing a lot, but I will improve it every day, so if you didn't found something today, you might find it tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!