LOTLW Blog #1: The journey so far

Posted by Phoebii on June 9, 2019, 1:23 p.m.

Welcome to the first LOTLW development blog entry!

Light of the Locked World is what happens when old school MMORPG is turned into small, but dense RPG with local splitscreen multiplayer.

I have started working on it in 2018 October and serious development began in 2019 March, when I released the last content update for my other game.

Here are other important moments:

January 2019

In January I have defined LOTLW's artstyle and implemented pathfinding.

February 2019

During this month I have added inventory systems and written the foundation for the game's story.

April 2019

This month was all about character graphics - I have implemented animation and equipment sprite systems, made walking and attack animations.

I have also added the wind system, which was a huge success - the game feels a lot more alive with plants, flags, and capes moving in the wind.

May 2019

May was epic! During it I was working on combat - now it finally resembles what it will be like at the end of development.

I also implemented basic faction systems. Factions will be very important to the game - player actions will determine how NPCs react to them.

The Present

My current goal is to release the pre-alpha demo in June.

There's still a lot to do - finish Moonrise Desert area, add HUD, rework interface and world chunking systems, make the game more player-friendly, add a way to customize keybindings, and so on.

So, yeah, I am not very optimistic about releasing the demo this month.

Whatever happens, I'll keep you all updated =]

If there's something specific you want me to write about in the next entry - Story? Combat? First area? Faction system? - let me know in the comments.

Until next time!