I'm not dead yet! I'M NOT DEAD YET!!!!

Posted by charlo on March 19, 2012, 9:34 p.m.

Man. I have totally lost track of the Windows game making community. I wonder if any of the other "first 10 users" are still active?

In other news, I have a site at http://charlo.gamemakersgarage.com/ in case anybody comes across this little forgotten slice of the internet.


Rob 11 years ago

Well, A couple are, but they're the head admins. You should really make longer blogs though…

firestormx 11 years ago

*raises an eyebrow* Wow, LONG time no see. =D

Rez 11 years ago

More of a stale bean really.

LAR Games 11 years ago

How can you tell what your user number is? I'm sure I'm like number 3000 or something, but I'm still curious.

Rez 11 years ago

mypage > user profile

Rob 11 years ago

You're 2548

I'm 1972 iirc.

LAR Games 11 years ago

Ha. I was actually pretty close. lol