Devblog: Terror revived

Posted by death on Aug. 4, 2014, 2:50 p.m.

Finally got some free time on my hands so I started working on my fps game Terror again. It's been a while since I last worked on it. It's still pretty close to being complete on the engine side of things but the game itself hasn't even really started. I have juggled so many ideas for this project but I think I am finally settling on something.

The basic idea for this game is an action-adventure game with minor RPG elements. There will be 3 classes to choose from: Warrior, Gunner and Mage. The game's story is pretty similar to the likes of Doom and such. However instead of fighting off an invasion, this story begins at the end of an invasion, when the human race has already been defeated and the planet has been transformed into a new home for the invaders, so the player is basically just trying to survive. The invaders are not demons or typical monsters but some sort of other dimensional alien lifeforms. I'm gonna have to get incredibly creative as I want the enemies to be very unique artistically.

The structure of the game is also changing, it won't be linear maps one after the other, instead i'm going for a more open-world feel although not in the modern sense. Think more of a metroidvania style open world. In terms of the maps, they will be large non-linear maps that connect to one another. I won't be using a hub system like in Hexen. There also won't be any towns and very few living humans in the game. So no currency or shops. You will have to find what you need and ration your supplies. It's not technically a survival game but there will be an inventory system in place so using items will completely replace the oldschool style of running over health packs and ammo.

Today I decided to ditch the Quake-style scrolling skies for this:

A basic skybox. Looks pretty good though I went a bit crazy with the saturation. Also gonna have to blend the sky color into the textures and lighting to make the whole scene look more consistent. It's still pretty early and this is just a free skybox set I found online. I'll probably try to make my own that'll fit into the low-res graphics of the rest of the game.

As I continue to approach the completion of the programming side of this project, it is time the actual game assets start getting worked on. So far I've made only about 30 textures (32x32), a few object graphics and no enemy graphics yet. I can handle the textures and objects but animated enemy sprites aren't my strong suit, especially when it requires artistic skill. I can easily create tiles and textures that reflect real images but I always struggled at trying to come up with creative life forms in graphics.

Also I have no final-game maps completed and seeing as they are going to be a lot of them and fairly large and complex, this is going to take a ridiculous amount of time to complete by myself.

With that being said, I wouldn't mind some assistance on this project. If anyone is interested in the following, let me know:

- Creating maps

- Spriting enemy graphics

- Composing music

It would be a huge help to have some others to work on maps and graphics, and of course a soundtrack, though that won't be necessary for quite some time.

I'll be releasing a playable demonstration of the game's core game-play as soon as possible. Everyone interested can get a feel for the game's engine, and it's map editor than.

Right now, all I wanna finish up is adding in bullet decals, blood and a few other minor - though important - features. Oh and finish the demo map.


death 9 years, 10 months ago

hey, i did say i was trying to get away from it being just a Doom clone :p but currently, yeah that's pretty much all it is. It even uses the doom enemies as place-holders. I'll also agree that it does look plain, i'm not much of an artist. What do you suggest adding to the scene? I can only work with mostly square shapes but i do plan on adding more decorations such as paintings for buildings, torches, bushes, perhaps fences (gonna have to test how transparent textures will display in this engine) but obviously i'm lacking on ideas for that. This won't be a pretty game no matter what. It's simply not powerful enough to be and honestly, i don't really want it to be. i want it to be ugly in the sense that it's dark, grim, gray and kind of devoid of any signs of human life.