S4D Progress?

Posted by death on Oct. 2, 2014, 9:42 a.m.

yeah so, not much progress from me. I have barely even started. Got a fairly bare project file right now, just the core engine stuff and some early lighting. Wanna see?

It's really dark so it's pretty tough to see. The lighting could be better, I don't know what the deal is, maybe i didn't set the normal vectors as good as I could have but there are some issues with it, mostly the walls to the side of the player are darker than walls that are facing the player but up to 3 times the distance away from the player. it doesn't look smooth. if anyone has any tips to give me for how to set the normals, that would be awesome.

Originally I was gonna make all the graphics myself, than I realized I'm too lazy so I started gathering some free textures online. That'll speed things up quite a bit. The type of game I'm going for here is simple enough, it's mostly a puzzle solver with some ghoulies to avoid. that's all. I'll try to throw in some unexpected elements though, to keep things interesting. gotta surprise the player I suppose.


death 9 years, 8 months ago

Yeah but it came from my current main project anyway, nothing specific has been added (yet). So it's not like I've done much work for this project itself. But you are right, thanks to having this engine made and ready to go, that saves me loads of time, which is why I'm not panicking (yet).