Heh - Also, Kilin is a mod

Posted by firestormx on Aug. 1, 2013, 2:29 p.m.

Well, I was informed by several people that I was unbanned by Cyrus, so today I had Kilin reset my password.

Thanks for only melting down most of the way while I was gone.

Update: Desertfox recommended that we just go ahead and make kilin a moderator already.

So, he has made himself a moderator!

Apparently a lot of shit has gone down in my absence, and Cyrus is pretty much on his own. Kilin has been doing a lot for 64D for the past few years (both community-wise, and on the back end), so this is one of those promotions that you could kind of see coming.

So yeah, welcome to the officially-recognized staff, kilin. :)


Seleney 9 years ago

YEAY!! Welcome back FSX!

Congrats Kilin!!

[insert clever remark here] I'm too tired to think of one so you'll just have to continue to make fun of yourselves.

Acid 9 years ago

I'm next guys.

firestormx 9 years ago

We're not making fun of ourselves. :(

colseed 9 years ago

I'm next guys.
and you always will be

1. colseed - 5428

2. Acid - 3694

3. firestormx - 2521
….next in line for the lurker throne

Acid 9 years ago

That's cold colseed.

Castypher 9 years ago

Colseed is making me want to play Touhou.

colseed 9 years ago

i'm a cold mothatrucker who likes the snow

only way you can tell is when i pick up a bow

gave myself a name when i could barely read -

it was colseed, shoulda been cold-seed

@Kilin: C:

LAR Games 9 years ago

Wait. You were banned? From your own site?

EDIT: Heh. Should have read the comments first.

Kamira 9 years ago

Geez LAR, where have you been?

firestormx 9 years ago

Nice to know I was missed, LAR. :(