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Posted by firestormx on Nov. 18, 2013, 1:33 a.m.

24 hours have not yet passed since toast's proclamation to write a shit blog. So here's a quick shit blog.

For the past month or two, a lot of my hobby time has been taken up with airsoft. I've collected 30 guns and counting, along with all sorts of gear (from plate carriers, to comms gear, to helmets and BDUs). I don't buy just one thing for myself, but I buy stuff "for other people to use too" - at least, that was my initial excuse for buying all this stuff over the past couple years.

The other thing that I wanted to do, was to have tried everything. Different plate carriers and chest rigs, different guns, and even different mechanisms for firing. I'm still a long way away, but I'm working my way through quite a bit so far.

Now, with all this gear, I've actually started having people put this in their photography and film.

A little over a year ago, some of my gear was used in the photoshoots for these shirts (clicking on the actual shirts shows the images of the models). It was fun to be a part of, and even cooler that I got paid for it.

Then a year later, a guy asked if he could use my gear for a trailer for a TV show he wanted to pilot. That was REALLY cool to watch. You can actually take a look here (and donate if you want):

I didn't observe all of the filming (and didn't do anything other than supply/help with the gear), but there were certain laws broken. :P

After that, one of the actors on that film, introduced me to a photographer, who's pretty popular around here. Apparently models are always asking if they can shoot with guns and stuff. Long story short, I've taken some of my guns into a hotel room a couple times so far, and there's more scheduled in the near future.

And lastly, on Friday (and again in a few hours), a girl is making her 4th year student film, at this fire training facility near Pearson Airport, and they're using a lot of my gear as well. It's a cool place - it's got buildings, cars, and planes, that they set on fire.

So that's what I've been doing. Organizing/cataloging my gear, transporting my gear to shoots, fondling my gear in my bedroom, trying to find ways to not behave awkwardly as a topless girl asks how to hold an MP5, and of course, actually shooting at people.


Eva unit-01 8 years, 6 months ago

I'm interested in all of what guns you have, cause from what I've seen, you have some really sweet stuff. And GBBs in the collection btw? I always find those the coolest, even though the maintenance is a bit of a turnoff for most.

I just love a working bolt catch and release, lol.

aeron 8 years, 6 months ago

Awesome how much cool stuff you can get involved in with your collection! I checked out that trailer and it was quite impressive, especially with no budget. Those photos came out great as well, I see what you mean about the photographer using lots of post processing :P

Yeah, gonna change your title real quick to Head Playboy/Gun Dealer. Hopefully it suits your future adventures lol

fondling my gear in my bedroom
you dawg!

firestormx 8 years, 6 months ago

I've actually built a system for cataloging my gear, with pictures and descriptions and stuff. It's a bitch to catalog every little thing, with photos, dates of purchase, prices, descriptions, notes, maintenance updates, etc. But I'm like 80% done it so far.

Once I get it done, I'll probably post something up here to brag about it to show you.

And yep, I've got GBBs! :D

Having a bolt catch/release, charging handle (and the danger of double feeding), chamber checking, 30 rounds in a mag, and of course the sound and feeling, make it SO MUCH GODDAMN FUN.

For pistols:

I've got several KJW M9s, one TM M9 (Mmm, TM <3), and a KJW Glock 23. Next up, I'm trying to trade some of my KJW M9s for a P226, a 1911 MEU, and maybe an XDM. I just have to find people willing to give theirs up.

As a side note, never buy a WE pistol. A WE GBBR is pretty good, and it gets better with each generation, but a WE is no work horse.

For rifles, I want to try out each of the main gas systems. So I've got:

* Three KJW M4s. Two full length (the two I linked to in your blog), and one CQB length. I have a v1 bolt and two v2 bolts - but I actually have yet to run a game with the v1 bolt in it, since it's shooting too hot at the moment. The CQB one is my current primary weapon.

The KJW system is actually designed by the same dude who designed the TM GBB pistol system.

* A WE SCAR closed bolt. I got this recently as a "project" gun (meaning it's broken :P). It suffers from a broken rear stock tab, which means the stock will not stay folded open. This is common, because apparently the bolt slams into the rear so hard that it cracks the plastic tab. So I gotta fix that, as well as the trigger sear, which is apparently also common to break.

I got this because I wanted a SCAR, and because I <3 blow back.

* A WE M4 closed bolt. I got this because I wanted to try the WE closed bolt system (I got it just before the SCAR)

* A WE HK416 open bolt. I love 416s, and I wanted to try the WE open bolt system. Haven't gamed it, because I haven't installed an NPAS to lower the velocity yet.

* An AGM (WA system) M4. This was the first GBBR I ever bought, and I bought it as a project gun…Over a year ago. I only ordered the parts to fix it (which was basically everything in the lower receiver - even the trigger was rotating around a drywall screw) a couple months ago. I haven't gotten them yet though. =/

WA is the oldest gas system that's still popularly around, but most people have moved on to WE as the most popular GBBR in the past 5 years. AGM is one of the lower quality brands to run the WA system (and WA mags are RIDICULOUSLY expensive. Like $140 for top of the line). However, there's still some pros for WA guns (with a ton of cosn), so I wanted to try them out.

The only gas rifle system I have left, is KWA's LM4, which is actually pretty hard to get in Canada. KWA makes damn good pistol/MP7/MP9 gas guns, so I'm looking forward to getting one eventually.

Oooone day I'll eventually get a Polar Star'd gun and a Daytona gun, but that's way down the line.

firestormx 8 years, 6 months ago

aeron: I got wrapped up in eva's comment, and missed yours. Yeah, it's really awesome that I've gotten involved in these things. The first photoshoot last year, and that trailer, were both posted on Canada's largest airsoft forum, and were run in Canada's largest city, and I was the only person who responded.

It's weird that no one else would volunteer for this stuff.

I mean, I can definitely see why they wouldn't want to - some guy joins a forum, and asks to use thousands of dollars of toys, in places where they might break, get stolen, or the cops might even show up if you don't let them know ahead of time…But sometimes you just have to watch Yes Man repeatedly, until you put together "responding to strangers on the internet about showing up at shady places with your guns" equates to "trips to Montreal to photograph strippers with your guns".

Also, don't change my title. It's the only way that people can tell I'm an admin here. :(

I'm also far from any playboy-esque stuff.

Eva unit-01 8 years, 6 months ago

"A WE HK416 open bolt. I love 416s"

Another one of my all-time favorite guns, and I defo jelly. Hell of a collection too. Be my neighbor or something, damn.

firestormx 8 years, 6 months ago

Come visit Canada! I lend my guns to anyone who wants to play with them. I've shown up at skirmishes with suitcases, gun bags, and backpacks, of guns and gear, and not even bothered playing, because I was spending so much time helping people the stuff I lent to them.

I want you to be my neighbor, so that you can paint all my guns, and make them look pretty. <3

One day I'll get a WE AK PMC and install a Magpul MOE stock, and you can come paint the furniture tan. I saw someone else do it, and it's so incredibly sexy.

I don't have a GBB AK, and the AEG AKs don't have that same feel when you rack the charging handle. I do hate having a charging handle on the right hand side of the gun, and I would miss the bolt lock. But on the other hand, cocking an AK is as badass as cocking a shotgun (and just as tactically disadvantageous), and it puts a little extra pressure on you during a reload.

I actually switched the charging handle on my SCAR to the right hand side, so I can get some practice.

When you see someone like Travis Haley racking a SCAR or an AK, he does it so smoothly and seamlessly. When I bring my hand up from under the gun, after a reload, I bang my wrist on the the magazine. When I bring my hand over the top of the gun, I end up rubbing my hand against the rails and I rack the charging handle on the scar back. And it hurts.

But it still feels badass, to be rotating the gun, to get the charging handle to your hand.

Eva unit-01 8 years, 6 months ago

Funny you bring up Travis Haley, I faved this vid like a month or two ago, and the way he handles his guns is just suuuper slick.

firestormx 8 years, 6 months ago

Travis Haley and Chris Costa are two of my favourite people to ever hold a gun.

I highly recommend that you watch the Magpul Dynamics videos, if you have like 6 - 12 hours free, haha.

Each weapons platform they teach, is super long.

They explain the reason for everything, and it's all practical.

You could even turn off the sound, and watch them run their weapons, and just drool at how they do it.

Travis Hailey went on to start Haley Strategic Training, and has put out multiple DVDs on there as well.

That SCAR video (I really like that video too!) is a good example of the type of explaining they do. He explained why he places his charging handle where he does and why he has a certain set up.

He also mentions the mushy trigger, identifying a malfunction, and locking the bolt to the rear. All stuff that can happen with my GBB (though the double feed only really happens if you charge it twice).

However, even though it doesn't mis/double feed, the mag can run out of gas. If that happens, your gun won't fire, yet your bolt won't be locked to the rear. Since you have a round chambered, you don't need to lock the bolt to the rear, but it's still good to do a chamber check each time your GBBR stops firing, to identify the problem - if you're out of gas, or out of ammo. It also saves you that step of slapping the bolt release after putting in a fresh mag, if you are just out of gas.

Eva unit-01 8 years, 6 months ago

I've actually been meaning to watch the Magpul Dynamics vids, just haven't gotten around to it yet. I'll try and get to that this week.

You also make me wanna get a GBB, lol. The maintenance any easier than an AEG? Cause I keep hearing that if you don't keep one in TIP top shape that you'll get malfunctions in no time, well, in context of GBBRs that is.

firestormx 8 years, 6 months ago

Maintenance is actually pretty simple to do. Here's a guide for a WE M4, but most gas systems are built similarly:

Basically you just lube the bolt, the buffer tube, and put some oil on the orings.

It is more work than an AEG, but it's so much more fun…Depending on your playing style, and wallet.

GBBR mags are generally real cap, or very close to it, so you only get 30 shots before changing the mag. A mag will cost you anywhere from $50 - $75…or higher, if you go WA. Or actually, it'll probably be lower, 'cause you're in the states. On a side note, I hear a lot about how certain weapons are seized in the states, that are available in Canada. I think glocks are pretty uncommon in the states.

So anyway, you'll probably want to dish out a few hundred dollars for mags, on top of your gun. You'll also need to install a velocity reducer. Other than that, you buy the same stuff as an AEG (new hop up, accessories, etc).

Then, you have to get used to not spraying hundreds of rounds in full auto. I was used to this in paintball, but I was lucky enough to ingrain it in my head when I first started airsoft, to only load up real cap. So I'm used to semi auto, or short bursts, and frequent reloads (either tactical, to make sure I've always got a full mag, or speed reload, if I run out). Unfortunately, I've always had a lot of mags (I have about $2000 worth of mags), so I've rarely worked under the stress of "I only have three mags - I'd better make these 90 rounds count".

Gas guns are simple. There's really not much to them. The cost, and the idea of having to maintain the weapon, are scary at first. But once you dive in, and spend an afternoon disassembling it - and maybe a few nights watching youtube videos about, there's really not much to it.