UPC-A bar code and Substrate

Posted by gamerman on Sept. 6, 2008, 5:22 p.m.

well, I felt like doing something different, so I made a substrate thing, which looks like the bottom most pictures. I also made procedural bar code which I believe is UPC-A, look at the first one . The substrate thing was much easier to do then I would have thought. The bar code was probably a bit harder then I thought it would be, but then, I also made it so you can change it a little, the order of it, like instead of SLLLLLLMRRRRRRE you can change it. you can also change the values of each, along with the values of each number, but they have to be 7 digits long. In the substrate settings, you can change the amount it starts with, the way it starts, on the edges or randomly in the room, direction stuff, and if it can wrap.

It's bar code, what'd you expect?



PY 11 years ago

That barcode isn't realistic at all >:|

noshenim 11 years ago

the substrate keeps destroying itself within a few seconds..

gamerman 11 years ago

raise the chance. I gave you settings for a reason.

noshenim 11 years ago



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