SawBlade Sorceress Opening Cutscene Mockup

Posted by panzercretin on Sept. 27, 2021, 4:13 p.m.

Earth, 29,958 years post-Cataclysm.

This world used to have people in it. Now, it's just us monsters.

We are the painoids - living phantasms of trauma.

We are what's left of the legacy of mankind - all else is decaying effigy and raging planet.

We wander the barren wastelands of ash and lava, lamenting the downfall of our progenitors, destroying one-another in the name of meaningless catharsis, forever entranced in the miseries of those that came before us.

I am Argilak, the Sawblade Sorceress. I am different from the others.

Within my being is engrained the glittering essence of a long-forsaken sentiment - a shimmering splinter of hope.

With this singular ember, I plan to invoke what remains of the deities of our ancestors, so they may guide us out of our eternal torment.

All the most loving and benevolent spirits are long since dissolved - the best we can wish for are the ambivalent and the transactional.

But they will have to do - for only within them is embodied anything other than malice and fear.

My journey is dire beyond measure - only a few magic summoning circles rest upon crumbling earth, and to reach them I must traverse a friendless world.

If I die, so too shall all that remains of hope.

However, should I defy this burning universe and awaken the ancient powers, I just might discover a future worth fighting for.

The only way to find out… is to take that first step.


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Sounds cool. Aesthetic reminds me of Homestuck.