New game + Happy + Yay + Help

Posted by rappybas on July 18, 2007, 1:58 a.m.

New game:
I made a new game with BlaXun's engine,
I've added my own stuff etc. now.
This is the forum of it:

I'm happy that 64Digits is back online!!!

I started with a program called Blender 3D,
and started making animations.
currently I have only made some test animations.
but soon I'll start on a big project :)
I made a site about it too xD

I need a site about my 3D animations(above this message).
But I hate the current site xD
So I need pepole that can make a good site,
so add me on MSN: [email protected]

This is what I need:
-Part to show animations
-Portfolio/About me
-Home with newest art
-Cool buttons
-A part where pepole can host theyre movies too:
—I have PHP on my server
—Max Mb = 50/75 Mb
—Only file = .mov
—It must be viewable in the site,so not seperated in a lonely window…
(Like YouTube)(But then in a default Quicktime player???)


Ice of sweden 12 years, 2 months ago

That game is great. Just needs some smoother sprites and it will be fine

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