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It are teh Katakijin Demo!

by ultim8p00

Posted on October 16, 2007 at 7:46 PM

Well, here it is. The demo you have all been waiting for.

I was actually going to upload this yesterday, but I just got Teh Orange Bocks and it's just so awesome I couldn't stop playing.

The demo opens a lot like Ninja Gaiden Black. The Ninja drops down and kills some n00b and then climbs up a bunch of mountains. It's somewhat consistent with the first Ninja Gaiden level.

This demo has gone through a lot of testing and I had to tone it down a lot. If it feels way to easy, just know that these are the first levels and when you fight rocket launcher wielding super soldiers along with red ninjas hellbent on burning the crap out of you, then you'll know.

The enemies in the demo respawn as you leave an area and move on to the next. When you die, the game restarts. The game information shows on startup and it has the information you need to know.

I haven't included all the possible combos in the game information, so you should discover them for yourself.

Anyways, enough talk. Here's the link:

Please if you can post a video of you playing, do so. I want to know how accessible the combos are to other players. It would really be helpful.

Here's a video of me playing (No sound).