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good subreddits? 1m
I am still uninitiated into the large and intimidating world of Reddit. There seem to be so many subreddits that my arms would tire out by the time I found a group I fit into. So this blog is for posting any cool subreddits that you guys visit - preferably inhabited by sane, mature...

One game a month = failure 1m
I'm not talking about that 'One game a month' challenge, I just noticed while ago that I have released at least one game a month since November 2013. Sometimes I have released two games, sometimes three, but at least one. But now, January 2015, I think I have failed. Today is the last day of this...

Stuff and Things in the Life of an Anthony 1m
Not even fully sure why I'm writing this. I guess there's some mild therapy in writing about stuff on a site where people who are more or less strangers promptly read this. Dunno. I might delete it soon, might not. I'm also bored since I passed out at 9PM and woke up at 3 AM, and can't sleep...

Frustrational dev (revisited) 1m
Warning: sour me So a friend and I are making a game (sigh). We had so much success in general with Ghosthunters (LOL) that we decided to continue in that direction (dumb as we are). Thus C++ it is. Reasons? #1: Innovation (yeah right) / flexibility. I want to make an engine out of this...

Laptop Inflation Blues 1m
So, earlier this week I decided I was going to recommission my old laptop and put it into service as an experimental Linux box or something. I got it out of its box, got it charged up, booted it up made sure it ran fine. Unplugged it, went to bed, forgot about a few days until this morning, when I...

So I'm studying graphics design 1m
Hello there, welcome to my post :). In my previous blog I mentioned that I had started college, well this is a follow up with more detail. So, first of all (well the tittle spoiled it :P) I'm studying a technic in graphics design, which means that if I keep taking 5 clases per trimester like...

[NAL] 11 Months 2m
I swear to Christ I've been on here at least once a month meaning to do this just for the sake of not having a ridiculous blog title. Although it is an improvement on 22 and 25! Go me! \o/ (and goddamn it I won't have my blog posts ruined by not including the on this thing) MY...

The wonderful three-dimensional... CUBE! 1m
I finally have something to show you. It's something you have never seen before. It's something you will never see again. It's... ...a cube! Yeah, it's a basic textured cube...

Jext? 1m
Hey, i hope you're doing fantastic! It seems a lot has happened on and off the WWW since I last logged in. Many new versions and updates to game maker, YoYo Games, a few super bowls, crazy events around the world seemingly everyday and I believe a new president (its been a while so it wouldnt...

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