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April 03, 2014
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Forkin Awsmoe! 2m
So for the longest time, I've made crappy games I call Awsmoe games. Originally, it started as a parody of the quality of games you'd find on the Yo-Yo Games Sandbox (albeit better programmed), but over time it evolved into its own art form. I rarely spend longer than an afternoon on these...

play Fallen London! 1m
so I rediscovered this game recently. "Fallen London". it's a really cool text adventure game you can play on your browser. I really like the Gothic theme and setting. The stats system is pretty cool. all your actions contribute to various categories. my...

RPI, Tessel and the like 1m
Gonna start off by pointing out that by the end of this summer, my time having an account on 64Digits will have been 10 years. Ten. Years. In 2019, I will have spent half of my life having an account on this site, assuming it is still online (which we all know it will be due to the mind altering...

Back, and Website! 1m
So.... here, again. I've been plodding through life. Things have been -mostly- the same. A few changes, though... First - I've got a Drivers License! I've finally snagged a license, so I just gotta find a car, though no money. And that goes hand in hand with the second thing. Second -...

Link 1m
So if anyone cares to check out my little let's play channel the link is provided below. Let me know if you enjoy, or if you hate. I love hearing from the community and if you want feel free to subscribe. ALSO: If you have any...

64D Summer Competition 1m
Forgot about Moikle's community game - definitely do that guys and gals. I'd like to see at least ONE community game come to fruition. Probably still going to run something but I'll do it somewhere else so I don't conflict. Good luck, everybody! :D Is anybody running one? I kinda feel the...

On oversized games 1m
Oh, man. I wish I had something of note to say here, but I don't, really. I'm still working on the same 10-12 projects all at once and therefore none of them will ever be done. Having dropped out of school this semester to raise Moving Out money is helping give me time to work,...

[The Amulet of Bacon Goddess] Screenshot time! 1m
It's time for screenshots! Yippee! I still haven't enough material for a video, but maybe soon? I think I'll finish GUI and another type of enemy. Click images to see them in the full size Edit 5 (May...

Hello 1m
Hello everyone, it is nice to meet you all. I have to say it is sad that I haven't heard about this before a good friend told me about it. I look forward to talking with you all. Something's about me: I have always been interested in film making as well as gaming. Sadly when I was growing up...

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