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Blast Processing 1 m Download the ROM here. Also, I knew these sprites I made 3 years ago would come in handy some day!...

S3XY's G4D Progress Log #1 1 m
So I've spent about 2.5 hours on my Goofy4Digits entry... multiply by 2-3x if you count brainstorming. It's titled Splendid Genesis: Memorikan, and I'm making it in RPG Maker VX Ace. Of course I will be using all original assets since the bundled assets don't really fit the setting of the game....

We love our controllers, don't we folks? 2 m
I'm not about updates. I'm convinced the interest level for what I've been up to from anyone reading this doesn't go on from polite courtesy curiosity. But I'm always down to share something beautiful. He's the finished...

Not a Log 3 m
I came to cross-post my dev log. I took one look at my "Your Blog Posts" box, and it looks boring. "DSR Log #x" is literally all there is. That's kind of a good thing, means I've spent 8 weeks so far logging my progress (Slow as it may be). So this week, and most likely for the foreseeable...

Mazimadu visits Nintendo 4 m
Today I was fortunate enough to visit the Nintendo Store in Manhattan. I was originally there for a meeting with a media group but the meeting was called off and I didn't want to go home feeling like I wasted my time coming to the city. So I decided to spend time with my nostalgia. The Nintendo...

DSR Log #7 + New Site Live 2 m
I've basically kicked my new blog site out the door, semi finished. I'll add the rest of the categories and theming I want at a later stage; the point is, I can write blogs, push them and have them show up immediately. I'll probably move my last Log over to the new site as well. Head over to...

Echo #38: Hello dreadnought! 1 m
New enemy has appeared in the Sector Six! Say hello to the newest Machine minion – dreadnought! Name: Dreadnought Armour and damage: Class 10 (Comparison: Veteran armour and damage class is 7) Ability 1: Smart mine (Also used by gatherers and armoured colony...

DSR Log #6 5 m
This week: Animation, Movement, Float Truncation and Entity Spawns I spent a good week and a bit finishing Dark Souls 3. I have no regrets. Not that I spent the entire time playing the game, even I get burnt out on Dark Souls if I'm spending 4 consecutive hours getting Rekt by a boss...

It's not dead 1 m
You might have thought this project is dead, but no, it's not dead. Yes, I did have a few days when I didn't touch the project at all, but that break probably saved my marriage A Journey to Eternity. I have been adding things like menus and obstacles and items and more menus and...

RX 480 1 m
So AMD has just officially revealed the RX 480, their first Polaris-based graphics card... And the TL;DR is ~80% the TFLOPS of the GTX 1070, at about ~50% the price... which sounds like a pretty sweet deal. The biggest caveat is that the base model will only have 4GB of GDDR5, half of what the...

Venzi & Hanzi 1 m
The name for my new game is stupid, but so is the game. Basically my idea is for 2D sidescroller and 2D top-down view to collide, into a risk/reward dungeon crawler with different items granting you certain abilities or maybe even killing you. You control two differenct characters, Venzi &...

Oh hey, I'm not dead. 1 m
Hey all at 64Digits, remember this fossil from the past? I don't really go by "RamboFox" anymore, and I've been mostly busy with life while occasionally trying to focus on my latest game project - which explains my absence. I don't have much to show because, well, I had to take life slowly...

Goofy4Digits Competition - June 20th - July 17th 2 m
I DEMAND A COMPETITION, so let me introduce you... What: a game development competition When: June 20th - July 17th (28 days time) How (aka "Rules"):...

Zeno's Emergency Consciousness Backup - guaranteed rescue within 60 subjective seconds! 1 m
0: We apologize, but your organic shell has suffered catastrophic failure; as per protocol, your consciousness has been shunted to surviving emergency systems, and your existence is being simulated. Rescue will occur within 60 subjective seconds. Should rescue take longer than anticipated,...

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