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Well howdy Doo

Well i stumbled upon this place in an email that a friend recently sent me, initially to play FredFredrickson's Hovertank 3d.
I love that game, and it is one of the better non-professional games that i have seen.
As for me, my language of choice is C++, and have been using it for a while now with school and all. I also have some experience with photoshop (I know that banner is a bit of a filter noob work, but whatever. Ill make it better over time), and I am an experienced web designer as well with experience in PHP, HTML, and MySQL.
I dont beleive I have ever coded in GML before... but after overlooking it a bit it seems REALLY easy.

As for the name... i looked for the name that would just barely fit the name requirements of the site, so yeah, no real special meaning.

Reading some of the newsposts on the front page i realize that i am not allowed to make pointless blogs, so here:
<center><img src="http://www.pcbypaul.com/wpclipart/office/supplies/pen_pencil/pencil.png"; width=125"></center>