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GMUI Beta Release v0.1

by Alert Games

Posted on June 23, 2018 at 6:44 PM

Its finally here! The first version in beta is finally out and available... after 2... years. Ah well at least its here, right?

I'll save you from the spiel I put up on other networks: basically it does a bunch of cool stuff for your UI with GM on a grid system, that makes it easier to compete with other platforms. Shout out to those who gave valuable feedback through its progress btw. Very very helpful and much appreciated!

You can check it out on GitHub
Or you can also check out the Landing page, which hasn't changed much tbh, working on improved screenshots

If you're lazy you can just download the exe directly. (lol)

I am putting together a couple of items to address right away, including testing on the new GMS2.x and other device outputs.
For those who like to follow on twitter I have a thread started here, or for Email I am starting to work on integration with aws SES for distribution of updates.

Thanks for tuning in guys! - I would add images but.... Not sure how to embed them yet... And I can't use the filemanager.... right?.