twisterghost posted on June 08, 2018 at 12:25 PM

Oh, jeepers, what are all these buttons?

I'm writing this from the brand new 64Digits DARK submission UI, and there's a cornucopia of formatting buttons gently resting atop the textarea. They look at me as if to say, "twisterghost! You don't need that barbaric BB-code anymore! Come with us, into the future of formatting! We all format down here!"

For shame.

Also, does BBCode work yet? Also also, I used the rich text editing buttons to make "dark" italic so I'm just a hypocrite.

Also also also, my double-enter-between-paragraphs reflex may not work well with this new system. We'll see when I hit "Submit". (edit: oh hey, looks fine.)

Anyway, since last we met, I've been making some progress on house stuff. The majority of my time is spent being super happy that I got this house at all, and the rest is spent working with contractors to fix some shit. Everyone I've talked to around here has similar war stories though, I think it just comes with the domain of all these houses being older and retrofitted / remodeled. Still, I'm finding myself getting all giddy whenever I think about the fact that I LIVE here as an OWNER. It still doesn't feel real. I guess it will feel more real when I get my first mortgage payment.

Besides admiring the flooring and grilling out of spite for the previous places I've lived only having like 2 working grills that were constantly occupied, I've been playing and working on vidya games. Currently playing Dauntless, which you should play with me. You form a team of four people and go hunting what are essential all raid bosses. Pretty hype. Between that and work, still building Evenfall, which is coming along nicely. Dialing in the spells and gameplay, and feeling good about the direction its going in. Still a long way to go, especially as a side project, but I always have fun when I open it up to hack on. That said, it does make me want to work on something smaller, just to see a project to completion in a shorter time span. Maybe I'll actually participate in a jam or something.

Keep on keepin' on, everyone.


twisterghost posted on May 16, 2018 at 12:08 PM

All moved in

All moved in to my new house. We settled on May 4th, moved on May 5th, and haven't been back to the old apartment, which I'm supposed to be cleaning to help avoid a terrible cleaning bill. Oh well, I have until June 16th for that and future me is totally capable.

The house has been really nice so far, save for a couple of minor issues. Theres a lot of room here for our dog to explore, and a backyard for him to run about. The detached garage was converted to a workshop by the previous owner, which was a huge draw for me. Though, I haven't been able to get going on anything in there - most of my time is spent still settling into the house and tackling some other housework like tending to the yard that was overgrown since they stopped caring for it once they got offers.

It'll take a bit to knock out the "todo after move in" list, but we're getting there. Like I said though, we've discovered a few issues. The upstairs shower drain seems to be leaking, as I discovered when I came down from my shower and our front foyer light fixture was flooded with water. Additionally, we have an outdoor stairwell leading down into the basement that rain just looooves to pour into, and the drain at the base of the stairs turned out to not actually be a drain, but just a small hole with a drain grate over it. So, that fills up in about 0.2 picoseconds and water begins to flood there, eventually seeping under the door and soaking a part of our basement carpet. For now, I've got a tarp set up over the stairs. I called an awning guy about getting an estimate to try and redirect some of the water.

That's a good way to put where my life is at right now: "I called an awning guy"

I'm really gunning to get back to my regular game development schedule soon. I had a good thing going on for a while pre-house-purchase and now I have my own nice office and everything. Once the volume of chores settles out, I'm gonna be focusing some more weekend time to that.

If you're in the NA mid-atlantic, I hope you're dealing with all this rain well. It's been a looot.


twisterghost posted on March 31, 2018 at 4:33 PM

So much

A whole lot of stuff going on right now, but I wanted to share the latest Devlog on Evenfall Arcane with all y'all. You can read it here - a collection of videos and commentary of (mostly) everything done to the game since the Winter Playtest sent out late December.

(You can also read the devlog/follow on Evenfall's new page)

The tldr:

* Total movement / physics overhaul
* Endless dungeons
* Improved dialogue view and options
* Dynamic item generation (a la Diablo)
* Item stacking
* New spells
* Improved gui
* Minor art improvements (I mean...its still me, so it still needs a lot more)
* New developer tools (for me and eventually modding)

I'm putting a big focus on some emergent gameplay stuff that's all the rage these days. It is super fun to find interactions that I didn't even plan, yet happen to be there. A great example is a cross-school spell interaction, where you launch a Dark spell which normally could hurt you back with a projectile, but use a Psychic spell which protects you from projectiles temporarily.


Totally separate from game development, I'm currently house shopping with my fiancee. It's been stressful, and we've had a few major ups and downs with some offer stuff, but so far, no house. We have one potential "in" right now, as we've put in a "secondary offer" which will be accepted if the primary deal falls through. We put it in because we were told the primary offer was shaky, but we haven't heard anything yet. Of course, you're all welcome to come over once I have the house, so long as you bring a customary bar of solid gold as tribute.

I hope all is well for all y'all. I've been super busy with all of this recently, but reading over some recent posts, seems like everyone is up to some good shit. Keep at it.

Love you.