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Alpha Man posted on September 11, 2009 at 4:20 AM

9/11 is funny. Disagree? Good.

People think 9/11 is not funny. That it was a bad event that shouldn't have happened.

But hey. Most people are idiots. The simple fact of the matter is that 9/11 is VERY funny.

The American government intentionally let the terrorists get away with harming many innocent people, and all people can do is cry for the people who died rather than go kill random government officials. I'm glad I'm not idiotic enough to live in New York, where such stupid things happen. Wow. I hope those people suffer the same fate as their dead loved ones. Would be hilarious. Almost as hilarious as 9/11 itself! LOL... wow I'm laughing so hard... this day is so funny.

I remember back in 2001, was like 8 or so years ago if you think about it, but yeah, heard about the terrorist attacks... I had no clue what anyone was talking about. All I knew was that some random two towers that I had never heard of before were gone all of a sudden.

Who cares?

Large rectangular pieces of concrete do not concern me, nor do the deaths of random people.

Of course it's sad that people died. But the hilarity of the action that people have taken afterwards negates this instantly.

On a slightly less hilarious and serious note, I seem to be sleepy constantly. I took TWO naps today, and I'm still tired! It's crazy. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to stop wanting to sleep constantly? Could be some kind of crazyvirus. Yeah. No space between crazy and virus. Because it's cooler that way.

Crazyvirus. That should be a new boss name for my game that you'll never see.

Alpha Man posted on August 20, 2009 at 2:02 AM

Why I'll kill you if you ever use "feat" in your song titles.

Due to the lovely replies to the completely legitimate previous blog entry of mine, I shall continue the talk of which I had given. For those of you who do not know me, I'm Alpha Man, and I joined the other day; Pay me no mind (I have enough minds already!).

Now, if you enjoy listening to music constantly, or if you even make music, you probably aren't very smart and don't base your actions in logic. That's alright kids, I can help you -- actually, I can't. You are too far gone.

Have you ever seen the four-letter-combination known as "feat" appear in the song titles of which you have read? I have seen the disastor. Yes. I really just spelt disaster that way. That's how bad it is. It makes me intentionally spell disaster wrong. Now you see how bad it is. It's just that bad. Do you know why it's that bad? Well, first off, what is a feat? It's not a miserable little pile of secrets, that's for sure. It's not like feet, and it's not like brains. It's not even like fish. It's just feat. feat. feat. feat. It cries out to me! "Alpha Man, please! Continue the word! Spell out FEATURING! Do it for your sake, for my sake, and may the way of the hero lead to the fish!"

Well, I got my fish. And I want it back. Yes, I have it and I want it back. Do you see what "FEAT." does to people? It makes them confusationed. Yes. Confusationed.

I bet you're confused now. That's alright, kiddie, I am confused too.

One thing I've never understood about you feat-fanboys. (Is it alright if I call you feat-fanboys?) You don't abdicate when proven wrong as to the validity of the usage of "feat." It makes me wonder : Great men die, but what a way to go. She's not above death by love, but can she see why kids love cinnamon toast church?

Cinnamon toast church. I bet you haven't heard of it. Only the elite four can go to the cinnamon toast churhc -- oops, I mean church. Sorry, that's a drastictypo. Yes, I didn't put a space between drastic and typo. Are you starting to hate "feat." yet...? But indeed, the cinnamon toast church, I went there once and I died after a nice gentlemen stole my purser.

My purser. My PURSER. How does "FEAT." end? It ends as FEATURING, yes? Doesn't it make you want to go die? It makes me want to go die. I hate feat, and you should too -- so join me, 64Ders, and I will make your face the greatest in Koridai, or else you must DIE

This reminds me of King Harkinian and Link and Zelda. Speaking of Zelda, females are an odd bunch. Their brains are not wired the same way as male brains. Females are inferior in terms of intelligence and pretty much anything, honestly. I find it cute. They can't make up their mind whether they want equal rights or not; Hey, if they get drafted they don't, but if they can't do everything men can then they get upset! What's with females? Another issue for discussion is negros. Yes. Negros. As in, blacks. If that seriously offends you I suggest you leave the internet now because I'm the nicest of the nice when it comes to the meanness and truth of the planet of earth.

So honestly, people of different colors. Some people like to say how it's odd to point out the difference in color; That things like "racists" exist. Do you know how backwards that is? Discrimination and prejudice on a large scale are bad? That's interesting. Tell me, what happens when a child has traumatizing experiences with dogs? Does that child grow up loving dogs? Eh, I wouldn't count on it; While the potential for love is indeed there, it's certainly at a lower chance.

Now, why is it that when a person has no good experiences with people of other races, and then dislikes those races, they're thought less of? I mean, dogs can't come up and reason and apologize or be nice, but people certainly can -- and I'm sure that if people of other races went up to the so-called "racists" and were nice then there wouldn't be "racists" anyway.

Now, think about this : It's bad to discriminate against a race, but it's all fine and dandy to discriminate against people who discriminate. Do you see the hypocrisy and backwardness in that? I mean wow, seriously, what is with people? It's quite obvious to me that the more people point out "racists" and "discrimation" and "prejudice", the more such things will prevail in this world. But why would people want to pretend that the differences in genders and races are non-existent? Becoming "white" (of a lighter color, really) wasn't the only change upon going into the forests of europe, and I'll be damned if I sit around and listen to people talk about "skin pigment" being the only difference in race. (Why would people call it "race" if the only difference was color anyway? Also interesting is that people are referred to as "black" and "white"... Wouldn't it be more like brown and peach? Eh. It's all odd stuff, but then again I try not to apply logic to humanoids often.)

It truly is interesting. Don't deny it : People discriminate and pre-judge all the time, but frown upon it when it doesn't suit their needs and wants. Tell me, don't you automatically assume some form of opinion about someone upon knowing them for several minutes? It's called a first impression; But it's pre-judging, too, quite clearly. I honestly stay indifferent until I know enough about a person to form an opinion, but I know I'm in the minority on that. So think about it the next time you go whining about how someone is a "racist" or a "sexist".

I could say that most of this blog entry is just sillyness, but that wouldn't quite be true. I feel the need to point out the idiocy of the human race -- since I am ALPHA MAN, after all.

Carry on, young demonicfish.

Alpha Man posted on August 16, 2009 at 12:02 AM

ATTN: Composers

Drop dead. Seriously, please, just go die. Right now. Don't pass go, don't collect 15% or more car insurance.

Just drop dead.

Your kind only contributes to the garbage that is listened to on a daily basis. You poison the ears of many, you make life less worthwhile as an experience. You are TRASH.

Every day, it's the same thing. Music. Music. Music.

You know what I say? NO MORE MUSIC, please. But no, I am NOT that lucky. Never could I be so lucky as to have the composers and the music perish with a single thought.

No, it takes more than that. It takes power. A powerful mind. A mind so powerful that not even death can save you from it. That's how powerful the mind needs to be.

So stay a while and listen (not to music!) and I'll tell you all about it.

In this room that I call "my room", is a fish. (Note: There are no fish in my room, sorry.) You know what I do? I hear music from the living room. Because my parents have a stereo, and that's just what they do : Listen to music.

My ears hurt. My desk vibrates. I get dizzy and "car sick" (it seems, anyway). I can't listen to music with my headphones because the stereo is louder somehow.

But wait, don't get to the rogue camp just yet. Keep those town portal scrolls in your inventory for a few more moments. I have more than just one thing to tell, bigsillyfishers -- I mean sixtyfourdigiters.

When the music is played too loudly, my ears hurt more. When it's played low, the voices seem "muffled" and it makes my brain and ears hurt. There's nothing that particularly helps. When it's loud, I can't listen to music that I'd rather hear (you know, stuff that doesn't suck, such as Overkill etc.). When it's lower, it still feels like I'd be listening to two songs, so I still can't listen to the music I'd rather hear.

And when there's no music being played, I don't want to listen to music. Why? Because music sucks. It's poison to the ears, it's annoying. It doesn't help in any way at all and I hope anyone who makes it just dies a terrible death at the hands of Mephisto -- I mean giantfisherdemon.

So, to the composers here, do not EVER talk to me. Or I will personally see to it that you die in the next 800 years.

And this is Alpha Man's second blog entry on this site ever. Have a nice day, everyone! <3