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Amarin posted on January 11, 2012 at 5:56 AM

Frosty Four Digits - Purianite's reviews

(Be sure to play my game!)
Here are my reviews for this batch of games for Frosty Four Digits. A lot better overall than Scary Four Digits, I must say.

Frozen - JID and colseed

+ Great art style
+ Good visual effects
+ Ambience was excellent
+ Boss battle was interesting

- Normal move speed is extremely sluggish and frustratingly slow
- Those red wood plank things flying at me were pretty lame considering how the slow motion threw off my aim, contradictory to what most slow motion stuff does
- In slow motion, my gun fired places I didn't aim it at
- Shooting that piece of wood down to make a ramp? That seems a bit unrealistic and would be the last thing I'd think of doing (I like to save my ammo for enemies, I don't know how much I'll be up against if I've never played the game before)
- 49 MB for all that? Rather bloated if you ask me.

Epic Christmas - Mega

+ Megaman influences, even has some of its tight design
+ AI and enemy placement are good
+ Not afraid to have a high difficulty level
+ Proper quality chiptunes
+ Funny basic plot

=First boss was well-thought out, but my friend found a safe spot where jumping was all he needed to do, and it'd have been much more reasonable if snowballs had no trajectory
=Trajectory isn't exactly intuitive and seemed clunky at first, but I started to like it, despite the fact it doesn't quite fit in a Megaman clone

-X to jump, V to shoot? That's bad for reaction time. Why V and not Z or C?
-Able to snipe enemies (especially early on) outside of their line of sight, making stages considerably less challenging
-2nd level, bunnies got caught on the sides of ledges
-Downward shot is really only useful for one yellow snowman in level 2, useless for everything else
-The final battle against Santa is easier than the first boss

Super Snowball Fighters - Daggerhog

+ Nice and simple, just plain fun
+ Chiptunes that don't suck
+ Good character design

- AI isn't very good
- After you hit someone, camping their position after being knocked down is relatively easy
- With the exception of the final round, it's too easy
- Environments and menus are extremely bland

Surrounded with White - sirXemic

+ Aside from the pool of red, it was pleasing to the eyes
+ Great atmosphere

- Inverted mouse by default? What?
- I got eaten by a red blob, and managed to escape. From then on out, I moved without the mouse
- There really isn't much to do, and some of those later hills that you can climb are ridiculously high.

Eternal Winter: The Spirit Breaker - Qwilderwibben

+ Simple concept, not too boring
+ Somehow managed to have a story

- No scoring system? I'm sure you could add one in.
- Mouse tracking fails sometimes in the second room

Jared the Friendly Pumpkin: Christmas Edition - Stevenup7002


Transition - Flashback

+ I was able to play it on my Android tablet.

- There really isn't much to do.

Ogres & Elves - Iasper

+ Very short learning curve for a fun game. For a strategy game, it's relatively easy to know what you're doing.
+ Unit upgrades find their way into the game without complicating anything

- Ingame money isn't really worth spending on the graphics and music upgrades
- Too easy to stack units and faceroll the enemy

Snowball Commander - Unaligned

= Pretty much a carbon copy of Missile Command, except with one less thing to shoot with. It seems harder than Missile Command, though.

Persistence - Acid

+ Loving the concept

- World seems too barren and devoid of wildlife, and it seems to be your only way of gaining stamina
- Stamina decrease is too fast
- Of course, it's underdeveloped
- How do I make fire? I can't drop a log and strike it. I can't put down the log if I want to make fire?

Deep Freeze - link2x101 and anthonyloprimo

+ Excellent puzzles, you should really expand on this game, because I'd be so excited to see that done.
+ Externally loaded levels (Is that some level editing I see in the future?

- Trapped in a cave and the ladder's frozen, and all you can do is shoot a fireball? It'd be kinda counterproductive if you had to bounce it off all that stuff. You could just walk (or slide) over to the ladder and unfreeze it that way. Come up with a better premise, guys.
- Those last few playable levels are ridiculously easy.
- Bad idea to end a submitted game with an error.
- Undo button WHERE?

The Fall of Sarenta - Kilin

+ Bullet hell! With good patterns.
+ Good story for a short project
+ Best music out of all of the games (even with that Touhou song in there)
+ Channeling mechanic is quite nice

- Jump feels useless when it comes to dodging for the most part
- Jump to dodge low bullets, get hit by ones higher up
- Player hitbox is probably too fat
- Some enemies are a bit too hard to hit because they're either moving too fast or moving constantly (or even teleporting)
- Needing to put up with the latter while dodging bullets, now that's a bit harsh.

Amarin posted on January 10, 2012 at 6:41 PM

Oh god how did this get here / Kizuna

Well, I made a game for F4D. Kizuna: The Girl Who Saved Christmas.


Kizuna Kisaragi is a good little girl who's been looking forward to Christmas. Ichipa Sento (yes, that's a pun on "1%", making fun of the Occupy protesters) is a greedy little foreigner brat whose father is the CEO of Sento Robotics Corporation. She sends an army of robots, including mechanical nutcrackers, among other things, to take all the presents for herself. It's up to Kizuna to save Christmas.

>among other things
Yeah, I was going to have suicide bombing penguins and snowman bots. But I was pressed for time.


Download (regular): My friend TplusK's tweaked version with 2x FXAA (Shader hooks are awesome):

Amarin posted on September 15, 2010 at 9:48 PM

I'm back / Elemaiden v0.1.11

Well, I'm back. I've been playing various games. I'm going to college in October (don't ask why, I don't know why they decided to set it up that way yet).

Anyway, how have you all been?

I've also been polishing up my game, Elemaiden. Here's a cross-post from a few forums:

Engine: Game Maker 8 (will be ported to ENIGMA when [email protected] makes a fully developed version available)
Project started: October 2009 (progress has halted for weeks on a few occasions, but I got back into it)
Genre: Danmaku shooter

Recommended system specs for the game as it is (to get 45-60 fps):
2.4 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
512 MB RAM
64 MB VRAM, preferably GeForce 5xxx/Radeon 9xxx series or higher

Decent performance not guaranteed below these specs. The ENIGMA version will be way more efficient.

Development Team and Contributors:
Purianite (Scripting, soundtrack, some graphics)
Sour (Sprites for versions after this, as well as the first few)
Alex/Kuro Kitsune-chan (not sure what she wants to go by) (Storyline)
Ninji (Logo, scripting assistance, many of the sprites up to alpha 11)
rainbow_rena (Character art beyond this version)
Runi (HUD template)
Doomsday Houjuu (Story assistance, soundtrack assistance)
criss990 (Bullet pattern and story assistance)
Fusion? (Story assistance)
Full Throttle (Website work)

Centuries ago, the Demon Overlord Larevail plagued the land of Philestra. He wreaked havoc everywhere he went, causing pain and suffering to those around him. When all seemed lost, the Goddess of the Elemental Crystals sent her four guardians to save the land. Using the powers of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water, they vanquished Larevail, and sealed him away. Peace returned to the land, and the Goddess turned the guardians into mortals so they could stay and protect the people of Philestra. They pass their powers onto their descendants, ensuring its safety for years to come. Now, after many years, the seal has weakened, and Larevail has broken free, though in a weaker state. He sends four of his minions to gather the Elemental Crystals so he can be restored to his former power. With the last of his strength, he possesses Seraphina Meiala, the queen of the most powerful kingdom in Philestra, and her two sisters, Serena and Soraya. With the crystals gone, and the continent in jeopardy, the Guardians of the Elemental Crystals awaken, previously unaware of the powers they hold. Amaira Barlow, Rhiannon Stellastira, Mairead Lucentis, and Amelia Bright must defeat the Demon, and restore balance to their land once again.


Amaira Barlow
Age: 14
Height: 5'5"
Element: Earth

She is the youngest of the Guardians. She's overconfident, sassy, and always stands up for what she believes in.
She's high-spirited, and talkative, always either laughing of telling wild, random stories.
Putting everyone else before herself, she tries to cheer everyone up, even if she is feeling unwell herself.
She hates to show people her soft side, and refuses to cry in front of anyone.

Rhiannon Stellastira
Age: 21
Height: 6'0"
Element: Wind

The eldest Guardian. She is intelligent, mature, and very serious.
She is considered the “brains” of the group, always coming up with plans, and the quickest to react to danger.
She is somewhat anti-social, and can come off as a little rude, though it is not intentional.
She is painfully honest, and her bluntness often hurts others' feelings.

Mairead Lucentis
Age: 17
Height: 5'7"
Element: Fire

The most agile of the Guardians, Mairead is strong, fast, and a little rude.
She's quick to fight, and her back sass often gets her into trouble.
She'll say things that are harsh and hurtful, but she's secretly kind,
and will act so if the situation calls for it. When it comes to affairs of the heart,
Mairead becomes awkward and embarrassed, and she'll have angry outbursts, which she'll immediately regret.
She becomes this way whenever Rhiannon addresses her.

Amelia Bright
Age: 15
Height: 5'4"
Element: Water

Kind-hearted and empathetic, she is the sweetest one of the Guardians.
She is quick to cry, but is very forgiving, and strangers often try to take advantage of her kindness.
She is very shy, and does not talk as much as the others, fearing her soft voice will not be heard.
She is not physically strong, and nowhere near Rhiannon's intelligence, but she is a great spell caster.
She devotes all her free time to reading magic books, rather than school books.
She can also read people very easily, often discovering how they feel before they discover it themselves.

Some graphics are placeholders, many will be redone by next release

Z = Shoot (Q for autofire)
X = Spell Attack (clears screen and launches a powerful attack (currently brokenly powerful and needs rebalancing, or maybe not, let me know what you think)
C = Switch between primary and secondary characters
V = Charge attack (when the meter is 500 or higher)
Shift = Slow down (Your options will absorb bullets based on your difficulty level)
Arrows = Move (derp)

NOTE: Only stages 1 and 2 are completed.

Known bugs:
-Staying paused too long breaks the game and will give you errors, especially if you pause in certain areas.
-Some bullets and enemies disappear, starting with things that are colored teal, purple, blue and green, for some reason. This is both a problem with Game Maker that I have to find out how to fix (maybe a technical flaw of GM). Also more common on integrated graphics, which is why the graphics card might be to blame.
-You can bomb during Last Spells, and Vaida's lasers don't show up if you bomb in her third phase and get to her last spell while still bombing. That'll be fixed, spells will be stopped at the beginning of last spells, and they will be disabled.
-Spell bonuses aren't ready yet. I misunderstood how they worked when I first made them, and they're broken anyhow.
-Icaraine Imenai kills herself after phase 2 for some reason, I'm going to investigate that deeper with help.
-Stage 2's sky fortress is missing a wall around frame 9000, no clue if I'll fix that, because Burial Agent will be making a 3D model of the thing, with a new layout and more elaborate design.
-Vaida Blümchen's name doesn't show up correctly anymore for some reason. WHY!?

Latest version (0.1.11), September 15, 2010: (16 MB download)