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Xbox One = 359 steps back.

by Amarin

Posted on May 21, 2013 at 9:16 PM

That Xbox reveal was underwhelming to say the least. Used game fee? Forget about it. They're going to see that's a mistake. In fact, during the reveal, Nintendo and Sony saw an increase in their stock value, while Microsoft took something of a fall on theirs.

No backward compatibility, the TV supposedly requires a separate device to do it, and you have to pay a fee to authorize use of a game on another console. If that isn't digging a grave for a console, I don't know what is. I see no reason to not get a PS4 instead, other than the fact that it's not backward compatible either, and I still want a PS3 for a lot of JRPGs I've missed out on. Maybe even the Wii U will go places in a year, and it'll find success, like the 3DS did (I got my 3DS a few months ago, and I absolutely love it).

EDIT: So, that's where all the applause was coming from:

EDIT AGAIN: From a Kaz Hirai parody Twitter account, proof that the PS4 is better.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming generation?