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BGames posted on September 11, 2013 at 3:13 AM

C++ Games and Examples?

So you allow teh seeplusslusses? I might submit some things. You allow C++ examples too, right?

BGames posted on November 28, 2008 at 5:29 PM

The GMC Really Sucks

Almost every one at the GMC is a new comer, and they even call themselves "noobs". Which is very annoying. Remember when it was a community of showing off your latest and greatest? Now its a community of... a bunch of idiots. I am so sick of that place.

Oh yeah, YoYo Games sucks a bit too. It looks like they don't care about Game Maker as much as they should. They mostly care about their stupid website. I really wished I saw a lot more Game Maker, and a lot less crappy, pointless games from people who just discovered the program at that website.

I rarely see the Game Maker logo, and that is what makes me very sad :(. Mark Overmars used to go googles about it, and I really liked that. was much better than YoYo Games from my perspective (some one who loves game maker). But from some a gamer's prespective, YoYo Games is better.

We are gamers too, but mixing Game Maker with a million of pointless games is insane! YoYo Game's vision is skewed away from Game Maker, and I hate it.

But when ever I want to be a gamer (play games), I find YoYo Games as nice place (kind of). Well, if you really want to play tons of stupid games on the interenet should actually goto a flash website. Sadly, YoYo Games is really only a wanna be flash games website.

By the way, flash games suck.