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5'10, brown eyes, semi-dark brown hair and ~65 kilograms.

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Brian the Great posted on January 26, 2007 at 10:47 AM

It's alive?!

Wow, been a while since I last updated this. Well, a lot of stuff happened since that 8th of August '06, but I'll give you the short summary.

My old thirties-gangster game has pretty much died of neglection because I've been busy with college. However, I'm currently working on a new college project which will probably be relevant to your interests if you liked the old one. In short, you get to put together your own gun and the game is going to be some sort of gunslinger exploration RPG though I haven't thought of a story yet. But enough of the boring stuff, you probably don't give a hoot about that anyway. Here's something your eyes probably like more.

Looks boring, huh? I can assure you playing is a lot more fun than looking.

Download (2.36 M)

q: zooooom
wasd: move
mouse: look
left click: shoot
right click: launch grenade (if available)
p: spawn wave of moving targets
space bar: open up the gun modification menu

I also gave everyone $50000, just for playing! Aren't I generous no questionmark.

And yes, the ground is black no graphics etc. Why do you think I put this in a blog and not under WIP?

Brian the Great posted on August 08, 2006 at 2:25 PM


Dramatic changes have been made in my new game.

check it out OR HANG (1.01 mb)

[0] Bare hands
[1] Tommygun
[2] Revolver
[3] Pistol
[4] Uzi (probably not in final version, enjoy it while it lasts)
[5] Knife
[6] Shotgun

[w] Jump
[a] - [d] Walk
(s] Crouch

[left mouse] Fire gun
[right mouse] Pan view

[e] Throw grenade
[f] Throw knife
[space] Respawn targets

Previously made list of guns will not be applied anymore, this game is from now on a project I've been working on for almost a year.

Brian the Great posted on July 24, 2006 at 1:28 AM


Back in action. Engine completely renewed, new collision detection, new weapons, improved recoil and added grenades. I haven't been sitting on my hands whilst on vacation. Long live laptops!

Download (1.01 MB)
w-d: walk
w: jump
s: duck (reduces added recoil when firing)
r: reload
e: throw grenade, hold longer to lob further
1-4: select weapon
left mouse button: fire weapon
right mouse button: shift view

I'm currently on adding the knife. Refinements such as reloading animations and grenade lobbing animations will come later.