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Used to play video games a lot, but now I mostly play just fighting games and beat 'em ups.

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Candra Software posted on December 26, 2016 at 8:00 AM

Game Maker History and Future Plans

Since March of 2004, I first started to use emulators and play fan games. There was a website called It hosted lots of fan games, and it was also how I found out about Game Maker 6 in late October of 2004. My very first game was compiled on November 6, 2004.

Back in 2006, I first started to join a few Game Maker related websites such as Game Maker Games. There was another Game Maker website which I forget the name of, that had this editable F-Zero engine, which I used to create one of my old games. Then there was 64Digits... to be perfectly honest, I didn't feel the least bit comfortable around its community. Some of the users seemed like they were posting for the sake of being annoying, but then again I wasn't as mature at the time. Someone at the YoYo Games community even called 64Digits the "4chan of Game Maker", but I can't find the evidence to substantiate that statement.

As for mitu123, one problem was that I didn't have my own GameFAQs account at the time (until 2009), so I used to share his GameFAQs account. He now has his own YouTube channel at, and if you compare his playthroughs of King of Fighters to mine's, you can tell that our play styles are quite different (I try to focus more on getting bread 'n butter combos out). My current YouTube channel is at:, where I sometimes play Visual Novels, Streets of Rage ROM Hacks and my own games. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I've never played a single SNK fighting game in my life until November of 2015.

As of now, I spend most of my time on my PC, sometimes using Twitter. I might buy a New 3DS, mostly to play Pokémon Sun, take notes and make use of the Mii Street Pass feature. As far as I know, some Generation I Pokémon have new forms and the Alola region breaks the tradition of having Pokémon Gyms and Gym Badges. I'd also like to play random Arcade games (like Twitch/Twitter/YouTube user LordBBH). I might also start a weekly video series a la James & Mike Mondays where I briefly talk about random games. I like to listen to Chiptunes using emulated music players such as SNES SPC700 Player, BridgeM1 and foobar2000.

You can check out my pre-2015 Game Maker Games here: