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Posted by Castypher on June 2, 2014, 12:06 p.m.

Judging by the site's recent activity, this definitely isn't a good time for another event. But I've had quite a few people asking when the next Completition was. Even though I wanted to give people a break from the last comp, so far it's mostly been those participants who have approached me. Also, it's been a month since 64DSC ended, and I like making use of my summer.

So for those of you who weren't around this time last year….

The Completition is an event where everyone gets together and makes games solely for the purpose of finishing something. The goal of every participant is to pick a game that they can realistically finish within the allotted time. The thing that sets this apart from other competitions (aside from no prizes) is that you can enter any game, no matter its progress, as long as you think you can finish it, or at least make substantial progress that puts you that much closer to finishing it. Because of this, there are no rules on when you're allowed to start, but the event will still end at a specific time, at which point I'll compile the games and put up a file containing all of them.

If for some strange reason you have no unfinished games that you're ready to send into the world, you're free to start a new one. Additionally, those who entered 64DSC might want to consider entering their competition games.

Last year we had something like 17 entrants and 6 people who finished, giving us a 35% finish rate, more than double the average of most competitions. I want to see if we can get a similar number, so please leave a comment here if you're interested in participating in a prizeless event with a bunch of people who are trying to finish their games.

Additionally, if someone else had a competition planned this summer, speak up now. As far as I'm aware, there are no competitions planned until Scary 4 Digits 2014.

If you need incentive for participating, you may want to check out Cesque's Fire Point, which has seen a large amount of success on GameJolt and therefore on review sites such as RockPaperShotgun (here's one such review).

This is just a feeler blog to see if it'll be worth taking up a couple months of your summer. Hopefully we can get a decent roster before I go in-depth on how the event will work, and what changes I'm making this year. Please note that I'm not promising the bundle this time, which fell through last year due to some communication issues.

- Kilin


Powerful Kyurem 10 years ago

Quote: StevenOBrien
I have an idea; Set up a poll for the most convenient month/season/period to host a competition, and we'll solve this once and for all. ;)

How bout we just start in a couple of weeks to give people time to enter, and end 2 or 3 months later? It seems fair to me. Any sizable time disadvantage will be overcome in the long run.

Quietus 10 years ago

I'm in. Let's start this. Before we collectively lose motivation.

Powerful Kyurem 10 years ago
Castypher 10 years ago

See, I'd be slightly concerned if that was an official GameJolt jam, and not something you posted just a few minutes ago.

Powerful Kyurem 10 years ago

I've been organizing it for a while, but I see your point. XD

Powerful Kyurem 10 years ago

okay, maybe that was irrelevant.

Kunedon 10 years ago

Oh! That sorta reminded me…

Game Jolt's having a jam that's starting on Monday. That's not a big problem is it?

Castypher 10 years ago

Dammit, that sounds like a fun comp.

Powerful Kyurem 10 years ago

Yeah, gamejolt is good at making jams. :D

Quietus 10 years ago

Indeed, for all my years of screwing things up in GM, i can't believe i can't think of some good glitches to exploit for that jam.

though, i've been getting good ideas by watching speedrunners hack their way through games. maybe there's some inspiration that could be found there.