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Powerful Kyurem posted on October 13, 2014 at 9:01 PM

The Viral Jam (Oct. 11 - Nov. 11)

I meant to share this sooner but I kept forgetting. I made a jam recently and I hope you guys decide to join in the fun!

Official Page: http://jams.gamejolt.io/theviraljam
This is a month long game developmemt competition stretching from Oct. 11 to Nov. 11. The rules are fairly simple:

1. Make a game with the theme of computer viruses. The stranger the better!

2.The game must be exclusive to this comp; you can't use it as a submission in another comp.
3. (Optional) At least one progress blog (including screenshots) must be posted during the comp.*

4. All work must be original, and not posted anywhere other than gamejolt.com or the site you are submitting from(barring screenshots linked through an image hoster) until at least 2 weeks after the winner is decided.

5. Game must run for either Windows or Mac or both.

6. (optional) Do a video development session and post the link here.

7. No actual viruses entered please. Don't take this too literally. (lol, just kidding)

8. Game must be submitted to gamejolt for the voting system to accept it.

*use image links to avoid lagging the pages

Powerful Kyurem posted on June 20, 2014 at 7:12 AM

The general decline of society (INH Randon Train of Thought #1)

So, I was just relaxing tonight trying to ga all asleep contemplating, and since I can't seem to fall asleep, I might as well pass some time sharing my thoughts.

Now before I begin, I'm going to tell you my general opinion of the theory of evolution. Why is this relevant, you ask? I'll get to it. I subscribe to the theory of evolution in a difference sense. I believe that life forms can change into different variations over time due to mutations or environmental factors; however, I do not the general historical side to it. Now, I don't expect you to except my opinion, and you don't really have to in order to understand my thoughts. I just wanted to get it out there.

Anyways... So, back in one of the last major GMC jams, they had theme of evolution. I was in one of the irc chats talking to some of the regulars and a new guy asked for some help. Anyways, after him telling me about how in his game a crazy surfer goes around destroying a city, I decided that the cause of the surfer's rage could be the result of him learning about devolution.

So, what is devolution? Well, if evolution is life forms changing over time to become better, then devolution is a life form changing over time to become generally weaker or lesser. Most mutations lean towards devolution rather than evolution. Devolution can theoretically occur in a few circumstances:

* A group studied in a lab and genetically altered.

* A situation where a dominant life form has little or no risk of death within its group for many years.

The next part is somewhat controversial, and it ties in with society. Basically, most modern countries are in a situation where little or no people die, and if they do, it's mostly due to chance or the fault of other humans. People dying of major diseases nowadays are either voluntary (obesity and related heart issues), time to diagnosis based (most cancer), or chance based (happening to catch some major epidemic). In other words, dying of a disease is evenly distributed throughout the populist because it's mostly a matter a chance and taking precautions. As for other humans, it is mostly matters of greed, politics, insane people, war, etc., and seeing as getting killed by those is generally not inherited, they don't curb devolution. Well, maybe war, assuming the resulting baby boom wouldn't cause worse damage. This brings me to the question: society will devolve based on the current state of affairs, so what can we do about it?


If we kill people with lesser genes, then we are committing atrosities and genocide. If we worsen society to cause some people to die from true "survival of the fittest", then we are wrong for hurting society. The truth is that we can't practically, and /shouldn't/ do anything. Eventually, we will either devolve to the point that another species takes over, or a natural disaster will wipe out everyone, or WWIII might happen and kill everyone . No matter what, we are doomed either morally or to destruction. I'd pick morally any day. There is also the possibilty that with increasing technology, that we end up creating some kind of robotic AI to protect us similar to the one in Wall*E. Granted, the people in that were uneducated rather than legitimately retarded or mentally disabled.

Ok, so I'm getting tired. That's all I have. Don't me mentioning mentally disabled to say I'm prejudicial. I'm not, FYI. They function just fine, and to be frank, most are simply mislabeled and not taught properly IMO. Education generally sucks in public schools, nowadays. Anyway, before I go on another tangent, I'm going to cut myself off and go to sleep. I'll continue this train of thought later. For now, I'm adding a caboose and signing off.


Powerful Kyurem posted on June 10, 2014 at 7:05 AM

Weird GM 8.0 Bug

Ok, so I'm building a time travel game. That involves a lot of weird stuff I won't go into and get to the point.


For some reason, this chain of objects, hits the wall, and then /all/ of them reverse rather than just the last one. It makes no sense. Any clue? Are my IDs messed up?

I apologize for the small blog, but this is a make or break it kind of thing for the project. Without it, it will all break.