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Resurgence and Recourse (image heavy)

Credence Filter is was horribly inefficient.

Previously on the low-end machines in my house I got about 14fps at max graphics, 8 on my laptop which apparently is the shittiest thing in the house.

I devised a stress test wherein lights are created on screen every step until the framerate drops. Using this I was able to pinpoint the least efficient aspects of the engine and fix them.

(This test currently gets ~130 on the same pc)

It's hard optimizing something with so many drawing functions, one small change and you get something like this

or this

Eventually I was successful. I managed to bring the framerate up to 60fps on all the computers (except my laptop) and implemented a frameskip option for anything too shit to run it at 60fps (like my laptop), as well as a dozen other graphics options.

Like if bloom isn't your thing, you can shut it off and reap the benefits of a slight increase in framerate.

Also I made a cool thresholdy filter to reverse the floaty-ness of the light engine.

Let me know what you guys think of it because if people don't like it I'll remove it or make it an optional setting.
Personally, I think it's nice and it interfaces with the static in a really cool way.

In other news, I tried my hand at databending images. (don't worry, these aren't the databent files just pictures of them.)

Here's the original:
And the glitched ones:
All I learned from this is that there's a logical and consistent way that databending breaks images depending on the file format, which just makes the whole thing less interesting to me.

Also I made some logos.

They don't look much like it but they are entirely pixel art there's no blending or post-processing or anything.

Also I started a new album of weird asymmetric electronic nonsense.

Also I made nothing else.
Tricked you.

Charlie Carlo posted on May 23, 2015 at 12:27 AM

Forkin Awsmoe!

So for the longest time, I've made crappy games I call Awsmoe games. Originally, it started as a parody of the quality of games you'd find on the Yo-Yo Games Sandbox (albeit better programmed), but over time it evolved into its own art form.

I rarely spend longer than an afternoon on these games; none of them are serious and most of them feature midi music from old console games.

Prepare your butts.

SPACE DULE They say nobody could survive naked in the vacuum of space, but that doesn't mean you can't put up a fight. This game is the ultimate in zero-gravity, screen-looping space combat.

CONTROLS: Left Mouse to shoot.

ORFAN FITER Who knows what is possessing these orphans to do combat with a machine-gun wielding polar bear, but they made a big mistake.
Hold out for as long as you can, and if you start to feel bad about blasting orphans, just remember, polar bears are endangered, orphans aren't.

CONTROLS: WASD to move, Left Mouse to shoot.

MAXTER You know those "art games"? Those games that are always indie, have little to no gameplay, and exist to make you as depressed as the designer? This is my art game, its the fabulous story of Maxter the bipedal rectangle. The only way to win is to not play at all. It's fuckin' deep, right?

CONTROLS: Right and Left to move.

PORKY'S GREAT ADVENTURE In an age of floating demons, one man (or beveled rectangle) prepares to do the impossible; to fight against all odds in a recurring nightmare of tongues and lasers and blood. Join him.

CONTROLS: Left Mouse to menu, Arrows to move, Space to shoot.

RICK AND MICK Cooperation is the only way to survive in this post-apocalyptic shootout. Rick and Mick are the only survivors of the invasion of the shadow people. Supercharged by beta-carotene, they must survive against waves and waves of deadly enemies.

CONTROLS: Mouse to menu.
Player 1: WASD to move, F to shoot, G to place trap.
Player 2: Arrows to move, 0 to shoot, 1 to place trap.

APPLE CLICKER INFERNO EDITION I got into an argument with my friend about the effort and skill involved in making a game, even in game maker. In a vain attempt to prove me wrong, he spent 3 hours dicking around with a tutorial on how to make a game where you click on apples. I made a better one, in less time, with no bugs... okay well a different kind of bugs.

CONTROLS: Left Mouse to click apples, Right Mouse to dispatch suicide ants.

THRILLA IN MANILLA No, not that Thrilla in Manilla. This is a man named the Thrillaman, who wears exclusively Manilla suits. He cannot be stopped on his quest for revenge, and he's quite adept at throwing boomerangs.

CONTROLS: Right Mouse to throw, WASD to move, Space to get in vehicle .

AGE OF SWORDERY Have at thee, knave! Fight for the King's honour in this simulator of chivalrous combat.

CONTROLS: Left to move left (otherwise, you move right), Z to reverse swing, X to swing.

ALSO: ESC exits all of the games.

But seriously don't play these they're awful.