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Posted by Charlie Carlo on March 13, 2013, 8:33 p.m.

I love it when bands do acoustic versions of things. Though, Sum 41 has a tendency to make them Japanese bonus tracks, so I just earlier discovered the existence of this.

To the point:

The other day I had a thought; how long has it been since I've made artwork for the sake of making artwork?

See, I usually do artwork for a reason; either art for a game or art to pass the time. The last time I actually put effort into making an image for the sake of making an image was that watercolor painting I posted a while back.

So I set out to make a composition for a pixel art drawing, which started by doodling ideas in my Nutrition class.

The composition originally had nudity planned.

I considered the implications of this, but then I realized something.

I keep forgetting that lately.

Anyways, I ended up making two variations, one with nudity and one without. Though, the clothes I added are quite obviously an afterthought, so I don't like that one nearly as much.

These are they:

Original (nudity)

SFW version

And yeah, that's the chick from my class-doodles.

So what do you think?

I'm actually proud of these, which I usually never say about anything I do.

Also, I made a new music track with the intention of it being not video-game music, and instead being music to listen to. I didn't quite achieve that intention, but I feel like I got at least half-way there.

Some of you already heard it, I wanted to reply to your comments but I couldn't figure out how to make an untimed, reply comment.

Part of the reason I made a second version of the drawing is that I was toying with the idea of using it as album artwork for some future musical compositions, and I figured that nudity would be unwarranted in that scenario because I'm not an 80's progressive-rock band.

That's all for now.


I have a Bandcamp now, and you could buy Extraspiritual Transalienation if you were so inclined. It's like, 1 dollar for 16 tracks. That's ~6 cents per track. I don't know why I even made a Bandcamp… presumably just to have.


Cesque 11 years, 4 months ago

I think the dress makes it look more detailed. The nude version feels more empty.

Charlie Carlo 11 years, 4 months ago

By the way, your shading is wonderful. Remind me how much I'd have to bribe you to get you to ditch Taizen and work for me instead.
I've been trying to think of ways to steal him from Taizen.
Aw, guys… nothing less than ten mil, up front. >:D

Somehow I don't think Blowjobs are appropriate.

lest the perpertrator be considered distasteful.
I'll tell you outright that I'm distasteful. Society has shitty tastes, anyways.

JJokerDude 11 years, 4 months ago

Great work, man. Though something about the girl's anatomy seems off… Her shoulders seem a little short. The clothes in the SFW version seem to hide this issue. Otherwise, I like your shading. You have a knack for pixel art.