Coffee posted on April 19, 2008 at 3:16 AM

New Game Team! Yay! [Coffee]

Yeah, so I recently decided about a month ago I think that I would create a team for my website and (fake)-company CoffeeStained Games. So far I have quite a few people, each are pretty good are what they do. We're currently working on two projects right now, another zombie game, and then a tower defense game. We also made a forum so that everybody could keep in touch, although its not going too well and there aren't that many regular members, but oh well, the members that ARE active are the ones helping with the projects.

If you would like to join the team, simply check out the website and then go to the CSG Team page for instructions, anybody who wants to join the team will have show me examples of their works. We're not only looking for programmers either.

We've also updated the website with sexy ass graphics! Thanks to my partner Mentos (Dan Hope), we have a website with graphics done in Photoshop that look pretty sweet, although some aligning needs to be done but thats mainly my fault, lol. <- Website <- Forums

Coffee posted on December 26, 2007 at 9:59 PM

New 2.5D Racing game!

Well, I don't feel like rewriting this, so I'll just copy and paste from My Projects:

Yay for racing games! Yay-ER for 2.5D racing games!

Yeah, so I'm like, making a racing game, thats 2D and 3D (2.5D). It's pretty basic, you know, basic turning, 1-2 players, career mode and quick mode. Nothing too complex though, like Super advanced AI (There will be AI though, hopefully) nor is there any drifting or burnouts. There aren't any slopes or hills, but I hope to get some in, just no jumping, way too complicated for me, this is my first 3D game on my own, but don't confuse that with "This game will suck", several people have tried an alpha release and thought it was "actually quite fun".

However! There will be quantity and classic stuff! So far there are 6 cars and 16 maps, and only Quick Start mode, which isn't even totally completed yet, it's more like practice mode cause there's no other cars. I also have 2 Skys (Day/Night), Rain, and 4 different terrains. I

also even have butterflies! Lol.

By time I'm finished, I hope to have:
- 8-10 Cars
- 30 Maps
- 3 Different Major modes with mini-modes
-Career Mode:
1.Quick Match (You pick one track to race and get money)
2.Tournament Match (You race all tracks for money and trophies)
-Tournaments Modes:
-Easy [10 Tracks]
-Medium [20 Tracks]
-Hard [30 Tracks]
-Quick Start Mode:
-1 Player Mode:
1.Quick Match (You pick one track to race again Computer)
2.CTF (Special Track, you get the flag and return to your Finish line, more details later)
-2 Player Mode:
1.Quick Match (You pick one track to race again other player)
-Practice Mode:
1.Quick Match (You pick one track to race with yourself)
- Basic AI that goes around the track while staying in the middle of the road (I'm already working on it and I'm quite close to finishing it.)
- 4-6 Terrains
- Some basic hills/slopes
- Snow
- Lightning/Thunder
- Small 3d grass

That seems like it for about now. Oh and about capture the flag. I'm simply going to have a big map, either randomly generated (if I could make that) or the flag is placed somewhere randomly but far away from both players in the map. If you have the flag and the other player crashes into, they steal the map and can't be stolen back until 10 seconds (to avoid constant stealing).

It is a lot, but most of it is doable for me, as I've made a racing game before with at least half of these in it, including 2 Player mode with double-screen. If anyone would like to help, drop me a PM, that is of course you know 3D or you're very good with AI. Or, if you have something you thing I should add to the game and you'd like to tell me or even help me add it, also drop me a PM.

I've been working on this game for 3 Days now, and it's been going nicely. I've gotten so much done so far, I could honestly release a beta now, but I'm deciding not too, I want to wait until I add at LEAST Ai to it, even if it's not perfect.

Here is are some pictures:

I actually do hope to release a beta soon, I've added the choice in Options, to choose if you would like AI Testing on or off, meaning, if you have it on, the game will create a AI Car that you can race against, but it's very buggy, and might go the wrong way in the track. If you'd like to know how I'm doing it, I'm simply having the car move to each Checkpoint in the track (Total of 4 including finish line), and I'm having it avoid the grass on both sides of the street, causing it to stay in the middle of the road as much as it can. Of course, I didn't do this ALL on my own, and I'll be giving credit where Credit is due:

Car Engine - Coffee
Timer Script - Simon Donkers [I need a better one though]
3D Sky - guitarbball0092
3D 3rd person Engine - HughieRocks Games
Game Name - Mantha and Coffee
3D Rain - Jesper
Computer AI - Fede-Lasse

Yay! I have figured out the AI and it works! Not perfectly, but the car goes around the track on ANY map. ^_^
Still, if you think you can make better AI, please show me!

Coffee posted on July 19, 2007 at 11:51 PM

Enough! No more Mario Games!

Phantom Mod: As much as I agree, we don't need to say the obvious
OMG! Have you people SEEN how many mario games this guy named "Hello" is posting?! Theres only 1 game on the front page that ISN'T a mario game. (As of 7/19/07 11:48 AM GMT(-5:00))

Seriously Mods, why are you letting this guy submit so many games that are so close to being the same? Just make him put them all in one package and submit that!

I honestly think that the mods themselves have got to really check out the games before letting them on. By that I mean making sure they're not clones from the same guy, games that are very similar to a downloadable engines, and making sure they're not games stolen from somewhere else. As a matter of fact, just a few months ago after GM7 came out, someone posted the Maze Game example that comes with it as a game they made, and a mod accepted it! Now I'm not naming anyone, but I did PM that mod and he took it down, but still, it seems like nowadays just about any game can get on. I used to come here because I was looking for quality games to play because I knew that they were games accepted by a mod, meaning it has to be even at least somewhat good, but now, I don't know, I just don't know... v_v