DSG posted on March 02, 2013 at 5:56 PM

-DSG- Still waiting + I need your suggestions.

Still waiting to re-validate my GM:S license.

I was re-directed to the help desk. ugh. I've tried everything already. Guess I'll just work on sprites.

Also, what is the best lighting engine compatible with GM:S? (something for GM8 should be fine, even a .gmk should work) I need one that's dynamic that can allow for many points of light that can change color, position, radius, and intensity without slowing down the frame rate. Anyone have a favorite or know of any good suggestions?

Man, YoYo Games is a pain in the ass. However, GM:S is a much more professional product than GM8.1

DSG posted on March 01, 2013 at 1:33 AM

-DSG- YoYo Games has failed me.

Can't work on Depths.

Upon opening Game Maker Studio v1.1.805, the program told me my license was unable to be validated. It provided a link to a web address to re-validate manually but that just lead to a page of nonsense endless text. I closed and opened it again, and it opened as the free version. I tried to enter my activation code, and received the message: "Fatal Internal Error: Code #1341", and GM:S closed itself. I uninstalled GM:S, downloaded the newest version (v1.1.827) and re-installed I attempted to re-enter the activation code. GM:S returned with the same error message and closed. I had restarted my computer after the installation, it did not make a difference. I tried to run as the free version. It then opened as the free version and a prompt told me that it was licensed as a free copy successfully. From there, I tried to update the license and was given the prompt to enter my activation code. After entering the code, again the same error appeared and GM:S crashed.



Is anyone else having this problem?

I'm pissed.

DSG posted on January 30, 2013 at 4:47 PM

-DSG- Depths: Ship is now in operation [UPDATE: new title?]

There ya go. Also, getting rid of Pyros, Frost, and Terra and replacing them with guns? Good idea or bad idea?

Also, I was thinking in the interest of exposure, I should change Depth's name since if you just google "Depths", any content related to my game will be buried by random stuff due to the commonality of the word. Therefore, I was throwing around "Depths: The Eight Temples" It's simple, fits the game, and I think people will remember it. Anyway, I drafted a new logo with it all, thoughts?