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Horror game Contest

by DarkSoulcalibur

Posted on April 09, 2007 at 1:09 AM


I am going to try to host a horror game contest!
Make any kind of horror game you want and send it to "[email protected]" (my friend made the e-mail address but gave it to me...) and whoever I think makes the best horror game... I will buy that person a regestered version of game maker 6.1!!! The code name of the regestration will be the same as youre 64digit profile and the code... I don't know yet... (don't bother entering the contest if you already have a regestered version of game maker 6 unless you want to do it for fun) Make sure that the horror game is in an executible file so no one can steal your game. (Don't get mad if this is a short blog, I just wanted to make a contest for fun, also because I am totally bored...) So! I will PAY for you to have regestration in game maker! So if you make a good horror game... basicly you will get free regestration. (If you don't believe me... try me... that's your fault... plus... it can't hurt to try.)

Make a good horror game!